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My preferred version of this game has always been the floppy version with the Speech Pack added. The version here is the 'enhanced' CD-ROM thing with full voice acting that I've always found distractingly poor. I would love to have the floppy version as an extra - exactly like how the GOG release of Wizardry VII includes both versions of the game.

Alternatively, if there is a way to turn the CD version into the floppy version, I would like to hear about it as that would solve my problem.
I came here just to ask the same thing! Was wondering if there was a way to disable voices. They were amazing back in 1993 but now?......
Hi. For the non-talkie version, edit SC.CFG. Just remove the "=" from "voclist.tre" line and save the file. Now you have the Subtitles back.
Should be the same for Tactical Operations : SCTO1.CFG the file, "tovoclst.tre" the line
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