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Hi all, just wanted to see if anyone has any good stories of air-to-air kills with the unguided rockets.

I've only been playing this game since this year, and I only have two rocket kills so far. One was a Mirage 2000 in one of the later missions, after I ran out of missiles and cannon rounds, and the wingman (I think it was Baseline?) softened the Mirage up with a few cannon hits. It was literally my last pair of rockets too, it was a pure desperation shot, and miraculously it worked.

Second was just now, in my second run through the game, in the final Alaska mission. I already had enough points to win the mission and Gwen was shot down, but there were still two A-10's left. The previous wave of two F-16s ate up the last of my missiles, and I finished one A-10 off with cannon fire, but ran out of ammo while firing on the second. I still had a full set of rocket pods, so I let rip. Unlike the Mirage, the A-10 didn't blow up right away, but I pulled away, and soon enough, the pilot lost control and ejected.

I'm eager to hear your stories.
Yes, I managed at least one kill with the pods, too. Same situation, ran out of rockets and ammo. Desperate shot, hit by luck.

Now that I think about it, I wonder how much luck actually was involved. I would love to see the code, also the cannon is hits surprisingly often.