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For Linux and macOS players: A small content update was pushed this afternoon to address a minor content issue that caused multiple audio devices to be created throughout the game.

On macOS, the pre-rendered video content had silent audio tracks that have been removed, and an unnecessary FAudio library was removed along with it.

On Linux, the same changes were made with the additional change of a Wwise recompile that moves from AudioKinetic's official PulseAudio/ALSA backends to an SDL-based plugin.

Aside from this, no changes were made whatsoever to the game executables and content. This update should not be noticeable unless you were experiencing audio performance issues in the past; if you were able to play the game with the previous build you are more than welcome to continue using that one. Issues can be reported here if they do pop up, but the best way to report issues is via the e-mail address listed in Linux.README/macOS.README.

Thanks for your continued support!