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Hey Adventurers, we are finally ready to bring you the Foundation Update!

Our goal with this update is to improve Stranded Sails in a big way by giving you a lot of the features and content you have been waiting for since release. Due to all of your feedback we were able to identify and address a lot of areas that needed improvement. Thank you all for your support, we hope that you enjoy all the new features and changes to the game!

The Foundation Update Trailer:

New Features and Changes:
New Decoration System!
You can now enter and decorate your crew member’s shacks!
Collect more than 60 unique decorations from 8 different styles!
New Relationship System!
Improve your relationship with each crew member by earning relationship points for decorating their shack!
Reach relationship milestones to benefit from up to 24 unique and powerful perks from your crew!
Discover each crew member’s style preferences to make each shack as cozy as possible and unlock an alternative ending to your quest!
New Item Type: Gifts!
Discover 12 new and different gifts while adventuring!
Give your crew members gifts they love to unlock new decorations and complete your collection!
New Crew Reactions!
Your crew will react to your gifts and decorations with a total of 30 new and unique animations for each character!
New Activities On The Cursed Islands!
Explore the islands to find 6 new rewarding activities like “Monkey Chase” or “Watchful Seagulls”!
Complete these island activities to acquire shiny plunder, the essential component for creating decorations!
New Collectibles and Outfits!
Explore the Cursed Islands to find new hidden collectibles!
Complete a collectible set to unlock one of 3 new wearable outfits!
Underwater areas have become more detailed!
New vegetation has been added to underwater areas around all islands!

UI Changes:
The handbook is now accessible in-game rather than from the pause menu. With this change as well as the addition of relationships and decorations, the inventory has been consolidated into a single element and is now part of the new “multi-menu”.
Dev-Notes: For controller, these changes resulted in the removal of the predefined tool shortcuts on the d-pad.
The map now has a specific shortcut! Use it to quickly open and close it without having to navigate through the equipment selection.
You can now mark any combination of tools, seeds and food items as favorite while viewing the equipment selection to quickly equip them in-game.
In many UI screens, most input hints are now displayed at the appropriate elements.
Added interaction indicator for seeds and updated interaction indicator while using the boat.
Added new handbook entries detailing new features as well as some existing ones.
Changed tooltips to be displayed by default to make important information in the recipe library and decoration collection more visible.
Added tooltips to the food selection.
Changed the intro to be skippable without having completed the game first. Added a note to inform you about what you are missing out on.
Added a “feedback” button to the main and pause menu. Use it to report issues or give us feedback on the game!
Input used to open newly unlocked handbook and relationship entries changed to “hold” instead of “press”.
Added and updated “NEW” indicators in multi-menu UI screens including handbook and inventory.
Adjusted map marker visuals and behaviour for various objects.
The save slot that was last saved is now clearly marked.
Updated and fixed various quest objective texts.
Various minor UI changes.
Dev-Notes: All of these changes to UI and inputs unfortunately mean that you will have to redefine your custom key bindings.

Other Changes:

The so-called “world reset” (which causes non-unique containers, trees and fishing spots to respawn) now also happens when starting a stew for the crew.
Dev-Notes: The world reset was previously only happening when going to sleep which becomes a lot less necessary after unlocking the stew. Not sleeping caused resource containers to never respawn, resulting in material economy issues, sometimes preventing you from being able to craft items relevant for progression.
Your boat no longer moves to the camp when fast travelling (except while you are sitting inside of it). You can now recall it at any time by using the newly added jetty in the north of the camp!
Increased clickable area of interaction indicator to alleviate problems related to a targeted interactable not aligning properly with the cursor.
Rebalanced fishing spots to make each tier progressively harder and increased the pull force provided by the upgraded fishing rod to make it more impactful.
You can now manually cancel a fishing encounter instead of having to wait for the fish to escape.
Rebalanced container spawns on central island to make finding components required for Fiola’s and Sven’s shacks more reliable.
Changed component crate visuals to make them distinguishable from non-interactable crates used as environment props.
Reduced corn growth speed, ingredient and seed drop rate when harvested. Corn seeds can now be found in chests on the central island.
Dev-Notes: Although it is intended to be a readily available ingredient, corn felt too abundant and meaningless in the early stages of the game.
Changed thorn bushes on islands other than the central island to regrow whenever a world reset happens. Changed visuals of non-regrowing thorn bushes and trees to look different than regrowing ones.
Improved telescope controls when using controller.
Changes to various wave zones to prevent waves clipping through world geometry in certain areas.
Adjusted wind intensity and ambient audio volume on north-east island.
Various sound effects have been added and adjusted.

Fixed a bug that could cause the player to get stuck when hopping on a ship rigging, rope or ladder.
Fixed a bug that would enable the player to interact with the canoe while in the rowboat and vice versa, causing them to get stuck when interacting.
Fixed a bug that would lead to enemies falling through the floor during combat encounters.
Fixed a bug that would not let the player close the inventory while in a boat and using a controller.
Fixed a bug that could cause new button bindings to not work properly.
Fixed a bug that would cause the map or telescope to be used after interacting with a portal stone.
Fixed a bug that would cause NPCs to sometimes be in their shacks at night even when needed for a quest.
Dev-Notes: Your crew members should enter their shacks to sleep at night, except when talking to them is your current quest objective. They will now sometimes be inside during the day as well, but now you can visit and talk to them!

Fixed a bug that could cause enemies to stay stuck in their dying animation, preventing them from properly vanishing and letting the player progress further.
Fixed a bug that could cause ingredients in the stew menu wheel to get lost when closing the menu and quitting the game or loading another save file before another autosave happened.
Fixed a bug that would cause quest events to not properly trigger when starting a new game with the “Skip Intro” option enabled.
Fixed a bug that would prevent the player from eating food during combat.
Fixed a bug that would enable the player to open the map via shortcut while the equipment menu was open.
Fixed a bug that would cause the camera to get stuck when leaving the telescope view while placing a map marker.
Fixed a bug that would enable the player to switch tools after opening and closing the map while on a rope or ladder.
Fixed a bug that would enable the player to open the pause menu and the portal stone map at the same time.
Fixed a bug that would cause an inventory slot to be selected even when there were no items available in the current category.
Fixed a bug that would display the recipe discovery icons outside of the cooking menu.
Fixed a bug that would cause the telescope map marker to stay visible when teleporting back to camp while being in a boat.
Fixed a bug that would cause the “Continue” button to still be displayed in the main menu even after the last save file was deleted.
Fixed various bugs with camera movement and the interaction indicator when instant dialogues where triggered immediately after another dialogue.
Fixed a bug that caused the player to “surf” across the ground instead of walk after using the axe.
Fixed an issue that made it possible to trigger Fritz’s instant dialogue while sitting in the boat when finding him on the lonely sandbars.
Updated and fixed various quest positions for player and NPCs .
Removed an inaccessible portal stone placeholder near the camp.
Dev-Notes: If you have already discovered this one in your save game, its map marker will not disappear as a result of this change.
Fixed several localization issues.
Fixed various collision issues on all islands.
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