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Hi. Jus started with the first episode. Enjoyed the game so far, it oozes quality from the first loading screen.

*** Very mild spoiler ***

I am playing with the Futura computer. Connect the generator, enter the house. All the positive descriptions were too positive somehow. I go up, enter my room. Set up the computer. What? Is this the same computer? Is the tv screen talking about the character in front of the Futura? Then I decide to pause and not playing the game yet. I exit the room. When the text lists the contents of the hallway, a small flicker on the word "sister's" makes me feel something is wrong. I enter, check the toys, trophies and poster and art. The text suggests she is no more?? I go downstairs...
Then the ingame cursor disappears. There is only the message: "<<WAIT>>". I wait. I some voices are heard. Is it my thinking, there is a second voice (by the way, I marked subtitles but no subtitles appear).

Then, nothing.

And nothing

And nothing.

So, I guess this is a bug or am I missing something?
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