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I bought this game last night and I'm liking it so far. One major issue I'm having is that aside from the first two chapters, the game is unplayable. Chapter 3 crashes constantly. There's no specific thing that causes it from what I can tell since it crashes at a different point each time.,I've tried running in windowed mode, all graphics options, changing the resolution, just leaving the game and seeing what happens, but every single time I try to progress I can't due to the crashing. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a fix? I'd really like to finish the game.
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Hmm. Without knowing what's causing your crashes, I can only offer basic advice.

Have you made sure your graphics drivers are updated? How about audio drivers? Audio drivers can cause crashes too, something I found out the hard way.

Do you defrag your hard drive regularly? Sometimes a fragmented hard drive can cause issues.

Other than that... I am not sure what to suggest that you haven't already tried. Have you tried the game recently? I believe it's been patched since your last post. That might have fixed the crashes.

Sorry I'm not of more help
I don't think it's his pc that's the problem. I am having the same type of issues. The game crashes constantly. I just hope a future patch will fix things.
steam version is running the latest version; update 3

while GoG's version is update 2

i was looking into getting this game. i'd usually support GoG over Steam, but it seems like steam is running the latest version which came out sept 18; 6 weeks ago.

i dunno why but GoG games seems to always lag behind on the updates for their games.