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Changelog for patch 0.0.13051 (added 15 April 2016):

- Fixed Warlock sometimes stop moving
- Fixed Warlock sometimes teleporting through walls and getting stuck
- Fixed player's choice not saving properly for the Nexus
- Manage 1920x1200 resolution properly
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Changelog for patch 0.0.13825 (added 03 June 2016):

Advanced graphic settings:
- Shadow Quality (Very Low / Low / Medium / High)
- Texture Detail (Very Low / Low / Medium / High)
- Shader Detail (Very Low / Low / Medium / High)
- Effect Detail (Very Low / Low / Medium / High)
- Render Scale (65% / 75% / 100%)
- FXAA Anti-Aliasing (Activate / Deactivate)

- Activate/Deactivate Vibration
- Activate/Deactivate Hero Path rewards (in Gameplay setting)
- Show/Hide Truth Finder icon (in Gameplay setting)
- Fixed Menu Pause
- Fixed Mana fruits spawned after True Path
- Fixed Game properly saves on Winning Path
- Fixed Game properly saves when not on Winning Path
- Fixed Xbox controller icons
- Fixed sound bugs
- Fixed Desert Temple elevator
- Fixed controller issue
- Fixed Magic Sword
- Improved quality graphics
- Fixed "Paleontologist", "Boreas discoverer" and "Is it a sword? Is it a key"? achievements
- Removed "Gray fox is my pup" achievement
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Changelog for update (added 04 December 2017):
[Windows Only]

- Installer maintenance update - No game files were changed.
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Changelog for internal update (added 19 February 2018):

- updated internal installer structure, no changes to game files
- added cloud saves functionality
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Changelog for Update #4 (added 17 December 2018):

The game engine has been updated to Unreal Engine 4.18, improving performances and visuals and that's why we're calling this version Stories: The Path of Destinies Remastered.

Also the following issues have been fixed:
- Global: Sometimes players can't unlock "Boreas discoverer" achievement
- Global: Hooking a Shield Raven can increase the Combo meter to a high number
- Global: If players switch sword right before a locked door, they won't be able to open it
- Global: In wide resolutions, player can't click on Back or Apply in Options menu
- Global: It was possible to fall by dashing in corners
- Global: Perfect Strike text sometimes overlaped with Combo Meter
- Global: Portrait stay on and dialogues can be missed when using Alt-Tab during dialogues
- Global: Quitting in tutorial after crafting sword and loading back in did not leave the sword equipped
- Global: Ravens can sometimes miss their combat Idle animation
- Global: Subtitles for scripted dialogues could disappear if a banter had started playing just before
- Global: Using the Grappling Hook on an enemy started a combo
- Menus: Advanced Graphics Options have been made easier to access
- Menus: Continue highlight color was different than the others
- Menus: Option items sometimes weren't saved (without closing the game)
- Desert: Elevator does not open door when stopped
- Fleet: Players can fall off the map by dashing back to the platform
- Fleet: Combat slowmo sometimes continues during following cutscene
- Fleet: Hero Path - Zenobia can appear in T-Pose inside a ship during the Farfarer cutscene
- Fleet: Player can be stuck, unable to reach an hookpost on secondary path
- Forest: Raven can be stuck on a rock ("kicked enemies getting stuck on higher level terrain")
- Mountains: Some subtitles could be played during the wrong cutscene
- Nexus: Player was able to leave combat area by kicking an enemy and following up with an attack
- Nexus: Sometimes characters were invisible after skipping the intro cutscene
- Nexus: Issues with Russian localization after completing the level
- Nexus: The player can walk off the airship in Nexus by repeatedly attacking the back side
- Prison: Eyeballs' cone of vision could go through some walls
- Prison: Sublevel missing when coming from the first pink door
- Ruins: Quitting game during the end sequence (or even earlier?) and continuing game makes the wrong sequence play
- Tutorial: Altar kept its "new" green VFX after player got their first upgrade
- Tutorial: The mouse icon can be seen on the Counter tutorial pop-up
- Village: Controls could be lost after countering an attack

Thanks so much for the support! Take care!