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Changelog for «Bolt Thrower» (02 June 2020):

- New playable character: Velmir. A hardened revenger hailing from distant Skadia, he begins the game with Affinities for Spears, Ranged Weapons, Maces, Athletics, and Combat mastery.
- New weapon type: Spears – 24 new items.

Spears offer average Damage, but have high Accuracy and Armor Penetration, and their skills have a 2 tile Range.

- New weapon type: Crossbows – 17 new items.
- Crossbows deal high Damage, do well against armor, and are much more accurate than bows, but they require to be reloaded after each shot.
- Arrowhead variation: ammunition is now split into 3 types with their own special properties: leaf-shaped, broadhead, and bodkin.
- New bag type: Quivers – there are 8 of them, 4 for arrows, 4 for bolts. They are equipped in the weapon slot and can store 2 to 4 stacks of ammunition.
- New ability tree: Spears – 10 new skills.

Immobilize enemies from afar, run them through with impaling lunges, receive defensive bonuses as you retreat, and deliver strikes to your foes as they approach.

- New ability tree: Dual Wielding – 10 new skills.
Deliver devastating flurries of blows, fight entire groups head-on, deflect incoming attacks, and cut through the enemy lines in a whirlwind of steel.
- New fauna: Hedgehogs and squirrels. Hunt them down for their new type of meat or precious squirrel pelts.
- New flora: Rhubarb and nettle. Don’t forget to wear gloves.
- Tweaks to ranged combat. Enemy and props sizes now correctly influence your shots’ Accuracy. If you want to improve your chances of hitting your foe, make sure there is nothing between you and the target.

Bows and crossbows are now considered a two-handed weapon with an option to equip appropriate ammo or a quiver in the second weapon slot.

- New critical weapon effects: It may not be evident at first, but different weapon types have different crit effects. This mechanic has been there for quite a while, gradually becoming outdated. As a result, it has been reworked:
--> Swords: 100% chance to apply Bleed for 5-8 turns
--> Axes: +50% Bodypart Damage
--> Maces: 100% chance to Daze for 2-4 turns
--> Daggers: +220% Critical Damage against unaware targets. Burn 10% of the target’s Max Energy
--> Greatswords: cleave through 3 tiles. 125% chance to apply Bleeding for 6-10 turns.
--> Staffs: cleave through 3 tiles. Replenish 10% Max energy.
--> Spears: +100% Immobilization Chance
--> Bows: +100% Immobilization Chance
--> Crossbows: +100% Knockback Chance
- REWORKED - Stance-based skills. Old stances functioned rather strangely: their duration and stack count were way too easy to ramp up and sustain throughout a fight, and it was entirely up to chance whether you lose said effect stacks or not.

- Reduced the max number of stacks from 6 to 4.
- You gain 1 stack each time you use other skills from the stance’s ability tree.
- Basic attacks with an appropriate weapon decrease the number of stacks by 1, but prolong the effect’s duration by 1 turn.

These changes are meant to make stances more tactical: they can no longer be activated at the start of a fight and then completely forgotten till the end of it – the new system requires balancing between maintaining stance duration and stacks, which are spent on empowering your attacks.

- Reduced the amount of reputation needed to reach Amity and Respect (by 25%)
- Rebalanced hunger and thirst gain.
- Changed some equipment and weapon stats.
- Spear-wielding enemies no longer have placeholder skills from other ability trees, and have been assigned Spear skills.
- Ancient Troll now drops his pelt and tusks on death.
- Added a new stat: Immobilization Chance.
- Stun Resistance was renamed into Control Resistance and is now also used for resisting Confusion.
- Knockback Resistance was renamed into Move Resistance and is now also used for resisting Immobilization
- [Dual Wielding] Equipping dual weapons now also grants +15% Cooldowns Duration and +7.5% Fumble Chance.
- [Dirwin] His starting Dirk was replaced with a Short Dagger.
- [Dirwin] Maces Affinity was swapped for Staffs Affinity
- [Arna] Her trait now grants [-7.5% > -5%] Abilities Energy Cost and Cooldowns Duration, as well as [-4% > -3%] Damage Taken for each enemy within Vision.
- [Jorgrim] Maces Affinity was swapped for Dual Wielding
- [Greatswords] Feint Swing: removed the penalty to Damage. Removed the bonus to Accuracy (it wasn’t really useful, as the skill already drops the target’s Dodge Chance to 0). Feint Swing now grants extra Damage, while also lowering Fumble Chance.
- REWORKED - [Greatswords] Parry: now grants Block Chance and Block Power for 1 turn. Counterattacks now trigger on every received attack. Each strike you block reduces this skill’s Cooldown by 1.
- REWORKED - [Greatswords] Feast of Steel is now a stance-based skill. It decreases Fumble Chance, improves Accuracy and Crit Efficiency, while also guaranteeing each 3rd attack to Crit.
- [Ranged Weapons]: Taking Aim grants +[50 > 75]% Accuracy for the next turn. The bonus to Damage now scales with Perception.
- REWORKED: [Ranged Weapons] Precision: hitting a target after using “Taking Aim” grants “Exceptional Accuracy” for 2 turns.
- [Combat Mastery] Seize the Initiative – changed the max number of stacks from 4 to 6. Removed duration – the effect persists until the target affected by “Initiative Loss” either dies or leaves your Vision. Receiving “Initiative Loss” removes the effect of “Seized Initiative” and vice versa.
- [Combat Mastery] Setup - bonus Accuracy and Damage you gain after skipping a turn persist for [1 > 2] turns and can now stack.
- [Combat Mastery] Stance Training: if “Defensive Tactic” is active, stance-based skills start with 3 stacks on activation. If “Offensive Tactic” is active, using applicable skills additionally grants +1 stack to stance effects.
- [Athletics] Mighty Kick: upon landing a kick, reduce the enemy’s Control and Move Resistances for the next turn.

- The state of fog of war is now being properly preserved, so it no longer conceals previously visited locations.
- Changed the bug which caused huge Crit damage with bows.
- Just as it’s stated in stat description, blocking arrows and bolts now requires an equipped shield. This rule also applies to enemies.
- Removed the ability to shoot through dungeon walls and surface structures.
- Fast travel between villages now takes some in-game time and changes your character’s stats just like sleeping would.
- “Blessing” effect received a 1200 turns duration cap.
- Fixed Vivifying Essence not burning Energy on use.
- Fixed the use rule for fleawort.
- Fixed the softlock occurring while removing a piece of equipment when both the inventory and a container are full.
- The drunkard’s wife in Mannshire no longer flies around.
- Fixed context menu when lockpicking a container.
- Numerous fixes across all localizations.
- Torso condition now correctly displays its influence on Max Health.
- Fixed a number of mistakes in abilities’ formulas, as some of them didn’t work as they were supposed to.
- Optimized rendering
- Destroyed Unholy Altars no longer leave a lighting source behind.
- Wraiths no longer spray blood when hit.
- Effects no longer flicker on medium settings
- Fixed Ancient Troll being able to attack during regeneration.
- Many actions are now being properly logged.

- Improvements to lighting system. It now takes objects’ relative position into consideration
- Made some tweaks to shaders
- Changed Jorgrim’s portrait.

Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 03 June 2020.
Hi, are the newer patches coming to GOG soon?
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Standalone installers updated 08 June 2020: Windows: ⇒; Linux: ⇒ (no changelog).

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installers updated 22 June 2020: Windows: ⇒; Linux: ⇒ (no changelog).
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Update - Equipment Update (25 July 2020)

Hello everyone!

The work on changes to the AI and dungeon generation is well underway, and we'll soon publish a devlog with some details on our progress. In the meantime, here’s a small interim patch to keep you from getting bored - it expands the roster of available equipment and brings a number of fixes and improvements.

New Items:
- 2 new daggers: Commoner’s Dagger and Elven Stiletto
- 5 new axes: Exquisite Tabar, Heavy Aldorian Axe, Aldwynnian Axe, Gilded Axe, and Lordly Axe
- 1 new mace: Elven Flail
- 4 new chest pieces: Dwarven Armor, Light Brigandine, Elven Brigandine, and Skadian Yushman
- 8 new helmets: Barbute (4 variants) and Cervelliere (4 variants)
- 3 new pieces of footwear: Town Shoes, Duelist Boots, and Splint Boots
- 3 new mage sets (mantle + cowl): Cryomancer, Electromancer, and Chronomancer
- 4 new amulets: Gold Medallion, Jibean Pendant, Amber Amulet, Lazurite Amulet
- 1 new cape: Jousting Cloak

- Traders can now sell many items which were previously excluded from their stock.
- Added log messages for critical shots.
- Added a warning about the progress not being saved on exit when leaving the game.
- Reduced the effectiveness of roasted mushrooms.
- Numerous fixes across all localizations.
- Fixed the item dupe exploit with some of the containers in Osbrook.
- Fixed the incorrect block power calculation.
- Fixed the incorrect durability loss when blocking attacks.
- Fixed the collision between a cell and a door in Mannshire prison.
- Fixed visual effects displaying above enemies while they are in the fog of war.
- Mobs no longer display speech messages while they are petrified, stunned, or asleep.
- Added new equipment sounds.
- Fixed the incorrect “Blood Oath” log message.
- Fixed pathfinding when clicking on a NPC to start a dialogue.
- Fixed the fleawort usage with an open backpack.
- Fixed the possibility of dropping items on the ground when dragging them outside of the trade menu.
- The fog of war is now being properly calculated when using “Onslaught”.
- Fixed the possibility of decapitating targets by using “Mighty Kick” and other non-weapon skills.
- Fixed the possibility of reloading while stunned.
- Fixed the absence of psionic damage on items.
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Updated to version (Windows & Linux).

No changelog provided.
high rated "Way Forward" is Live!


- Complete rework of the dungeon generator.
Bastions, Catacombs, and Crypts now have a new generation algorithm and numerous new room templates.

- Basic AI was completely reworked

There are still ways to go, and we still need to perform many tweaks to make things work exactly as planned, but even with just this update the following features will be introduced to the AI:

- New decision-making system. Instead of relying on RNG when choosing which Ability to use, enemies now use a weight system - each Ability gained a number of specific conditions which either increase or decrease its weight depending on the situation. Enemies will use Abilities with the highest weight at any given time.
- New pathfinding system. Pathfinding was rebuilt from the ground up - the shortest way to a mob’s target is now modified by numerous conditions. Enemies will attempt to avoid traps, wait out AoE effects, stay away from locations where they can be easily knocked into walls, and more.
- Enemies learned to trade places when fighting in corridors and tight spaces. Enemies who prefer to fight in melee will try to swap out archers, retreating enemies will attempt to swap with those who can still fight, and those who have high Health - with those who are about to die.
- Archers and mages prefer to keep their distance and retreat when approached by enemies, wearing them down with arrows and spells.
- Mobs now use a new system to decide which targets to prioritize, trying to focus on the highest threat.
- Archers’ ammunition is now limited. They also learned to swap to melee weapon when they run out of ammo or when their enemy finally manages to catch up.
- Most aggressive animals will first try to intimidate your character and only attack if you don’t leave their territory within a number of turns. Different animals have their intimidation phase set at different duration - wolves, for example, will attack almost immediately.
- Some enemies might decide to retreat in case the fight is going badly for them, attempting to leave the location. The chance to trigger a retreat is influenced by many factors: low Health, allies’ death, whether they have injuries or debuffs.

- The ecosystem is now much more in-depth. Boars and moose will hold their ground and defend against the player and predators, foxes will hunt rabbits, and deer will run away the moment they hear the player approaching.

- Added secret rooms which can only be discovered by highly perceptive characters. Rich loot awaits inside!

- 100+ new containers and decorations across all dungeons.

- New enemy skills: mancatchers gained “Net Throw” and “Sic!”, dogs gained “Loud Barking” and “Grab ‘Em!”, wraiths learned “Grave Chill” and “Dissipation”, ghouls gained “Bone Throw”, ghasts and necromancers - “Death Touch” and “Soul Sacrifice”.

- 25 new undead enemy types: two lineups of high-level skeletons, a lineup of restless dead, as well as ghasts - undead mages, wielding special spells.

- Certain changes to hostage rescue contracts: from now on abducted NPCs will be held in designated cells, requiring you to find a key before you can rescue them.

- Added acorns and burnet.


- New culling system.
- Reworked light rendering.
- New fog of war rendering system.
- Updated steppes.
- Added fireflies.
- Visual updates to the Prologue rooms.
- Added four new music tracks, including two battle themes.


- Balance changes to most undead enemies.
- Increased the Abomination’s Health, but decreased its base damage.
- Most enemies gained a larger line of sight.
- “Taking Aim”: reduced Accuracy bonus (+75% > +50%).
- Removed unique items from graves and added them to secret rooms.
- Ravens now generate noise when they take off.
- Mannshire crypth has its danger level increased.


- Reworked turn and priority system for various actions.
- Made significant improvements to enemies following the player between zones.
- Added hotkeys for switching between hotbars.
- Fixed sudden Health and Energy replenishment when entering an already visited location.
- Brigands gained new phrases when retreating. The phrases upon getting injured are now tied to specific body parts instead of just triggering a generic response.
- Added lots of log messages.
- Fixed flickering stack numbers on stances’ buff icons.
- Removed the possibility of preemptively destroying the statues in the Prologue before the fight even begins.


Way Forward is an important structural update, after the release of which we can finally move onto expanding the map. In the next major update, which is planned for the winter of 2020-2021, we will add the first major city, its surrounding area, and lots of accompanying content. Before that we also plan to release a few interim updates to add the remaining weapon skill trees and more.

Because of this, the base price for the game will be increased by 30% in all regions. If you wish to purchase the game at a lower price, now might be the best time for it!

That’s all for now.
Have fun playing!
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Standalone installers updated ( ⇒ 25 September 2020.
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Updated to version (Windows & Linux standalone installers).

No changelog provided.
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Updated to version
No changelog provided. Recent patch notes ( to - Patch Note
These patch notes include changes made by interim hotfixes.


-Increased the Damage and Health for boars, moose, bison, deer, and saigas.
-Increased the experience gained for killing most animals and the restless dead.
-Reduced Health and Dodge Chance for wraiths.
-Most undead enemies and brigands had their Health reduced by 10-15%
-The intimidation state is now 1.5-2 times longer for most aggressive animals.
-Rebalanced spawn points for most enemies. The dungeons should be less overcrowded now.
-Proselyte Adept’s behavior pattern was changed from Mage to Close Combat.
-Increased the cooldown of “Loud Barking”
-Reduced the duration of the “Netted” debuff to 6 turns.
-Most herbs now raise thirst upon usage to reflect their bitter, astringent taste.
-Reduced brigands’ Vision range by 10%.


-Numerous minor fixes to the AI.
-Fixed the rendering algorithm for the fog of war in dungeons.
-Fixed the issue with enemies not using dashing abilities.
-Fixed the issue with secret rooms’ generation.
-Fixed the issue with Morale multipliers, which had been causing each enemy type, including bosses, to have an equal chance to retreat.
-Numerous fixes to rooms and accompanying collision issues.
-Fixed the bug with archers replenishing their Energy upon switching weapons.
-Fixed the bug with archers shooting through walls.
-Animals can now properly escape instead of darting around frantically.
-Fixed the crash caused by “Necrophage”.
-Fixed the crash caused by “Soul Sacrifice”.
-Fixed the crash caused by “Leg Sweep”.
-Fixed the crash caused by “Blaze”.
-Fixed the bug with foxes being stuck in their intimidation state.
-Fixed the issue with enemies disappearing after following the player to another location.
-Fixed the bug with ghouls spawning in the fog of war.
-Fixed the issue with the ghoul’s Morale multiplier, which had been causing them to be much less prone to retreating than intended.
-Proselyte Flagellants no longer use “Lash Blessing” on the player.
-Fixed the issue with “Grave Chill” range.
-Fixed the issue with “Anticipation” having an effect even before it’s actually learned.
-Fixed the description of “Abominable Vitality”. The chance to trigger the effect is 75%, not 50%.
-Fixed the issue with “Rune of Enfeeblement” reducing resistances to -100%.
-Fixed the problem with containers’ reset in brigand camps.
-Fixed the crash caused by gold inside containers.
-Made it more preferable for enemies to avoid tiles with traps.
-Fixed the issue with beds’ collision.
-Fixed the issue with Burnet using the effect of Nettle.
-Fixed the bug preventing acorns from being roasted.
-Fixed the inability to interact with wardrobes in one of the boss rooms in crypts.
-Fixed the issue with Ghasts granting too little experience on death.
-Fixed the issue with High Priests not granting any experience on death.
-Added the missing descriptions to some enemies.
-“N/A” in fan translations are temporarily replaced with English text (the translations are already on their way!)
-Optimization improvements.
-Changes to layouts of some hovers.


- Minor fixes to secret rooms.
- Added the missing phrases to the German localization.
- Fixed the issue occurring with the Restless’ sprite upon being resurrected by a necromancer.
- Fixed the crash caused by shooting.
- Fixed the trolls’ AI priorities.
- Added soil decals to crypts.
- Fixed numerous issues with collision and impassable tiles in dungeons.
- Fixed the incorrect functioning of “No Retreat”.
- Fixed the issue with a spear passive working without an equipped spear.
- Fixed the bug preventing bandits from attacking boars.
- Fixed the timing of the Blood Golem’s explosion, so that it doesn’t occur prematurely.
- Fixed the issue with the external part of the brigand Bastion.
- Fixed the dungeon generation bug which had been causing an incorrect amount of treatise rooms to appear in crypts.
- Fixed the bug with traps not spawning correctly. - Patch Notes

- Fixed the multiplier for noise generated by certain actions.
- Fixed some issues with retreating enemies.
- Added additional statuses to the inspection menu.
- Fixed the bug with dogs spawning inside dungeon walls.
- Fixed the bug causing walls to become traversable after destroying certain objects next to them.
- Fixed the bug causing Cooldowns to drop to zero.
- Fixed the issue with the number of grimoire rooms during one of the crypt contracts.
- Fixed the incorrect zones for ranged attacks.
- Disarming no longer forces you to skip a turn.
- Enemies now properly react to being lured by “Shout”.
- Fixed the AI issue which had been causing mobs to stop reacting to attacks outside of their Vision range.
- Fixed the possibility of picking a lock after throwing away a required consumable.
- Removed guaranteed critical hits against retreating targets.
- Storing food in containers no longer prevents it from spoiling.
- Fixed excessive loot in Proselyte dungeons.
- Removed the possibility of breaking through cell doors with a crowbar during NPC rescue contracts.
- Fixed the issue with crowbars disappearing after their durability reaches zero.
high rated Changelog – Reputation Tab 20 October 2020


- Added a Reputation Tab to the journal. Now you can look up your Reputation level at any time and see how exactly it influences your character.
- Consumables for brigands: brigands are now spawned with a random supply of bandages, splints, and vivifying essences, which they can use to deal with bleeding, injuries, or low Health.
- Added two new variations of Wraiths to high level crypts.
- Ghasts and Necromancers learned a new skill - “Binding Sigil”.


- Rebalanced enchantments. The randomness of stat bonuses was removed - each enchantment stat bonus is now a static value, which is overall slightly lower than the maximum values you could potentially roll in previous versions of the game.

Enchantment scrolls now apply a single enchantment instead of two. Magic items (items with two enchantments) can only be acquired as loot from enemies and containers.

These are just temporary measures, meant to reduce the amount of save scumming (if not to negate it) associated with enchantments before the release of the rarity system update, which is planned for the next year.

- Rebalanced curses. There were also some changes made to curses and cursed items (they will be greatly updated and expanded upon next year as well).

The chance for a curse to trigger now grows significantly slower, and killing enemies is also much more effective at slowing it down. Additionally, curses are now several times stronger than before, making them feel more dangerous.

The changes apply to curses’ stat bonuses as well - some of them didn’t work properly with certain equipment types, so they were fixed or straight up changed.

Curse of Everfear: +N Unholy Damage > -5% Damage Taken. Low Morale improves the bonus.
Curse of Gnawmaw: +10% > +13% Life Drain. Hunger and Thirst improve the bonus.
Curse of Goldhoarder: +25% Lock-picking & Disarming > +13% Experience Gain. High amounts of gold in the inventory improve the bonus.
Curse of Gorelust: +10% > +13% Weapon Damage. Low Health improves the bonus.
Curse of Soulstealer: +10% > +13% Energy Drain. Low Energy improves the bonus.
Curse of Sufferjoy: +7% > +10% Crit Chance. High Pain improves the bonus.
Curse of Loudmouth: +N Psionic Damage > +10% Control Resistance.

Curse descriptions were tweaked, improving their transparency, and their effects are now registered in the battle log.

- “Raise Shield” no longer grants Dodge Chance if its value was negative when the ability was activated.
- Increased Control Resistance for skeleton enemies.
- Added Bleed Resistance to Restless and Ghasts.
- Reduced Resistances and Accuracy for Proselyte bosses.
- Enemies now need a visual confirmation that their allies are being damaged before turning Hostile.
- Bottom dungeon floors are now generated with 20% less rooms.
- Reduced Dodge Chance for Chronomancer Mantle.
- Slightly increased “weight” for skeletons, restless, mages, and archers - they will now spawn in smaller numbers.
- Fixed the issue with Moose and Bison granting too little Experience on death.
- Lowered the chance of food and alcohol drops in Bastion containers.
- Overall reduced life span for most food types.


- Fixes to actions’ priority: bleeding now triggers before the beginning of the turn, and cooldowns no longer refresh right after the effect is activated.
- Refactored the priority for reducing modifiers’ duration.
- Staff crits now correctly replenish Energy.
- Traps can no longer be spawned under enemies.
- Traps can no longer spawn in boss rooms.
- Fixed the bug with mobs leaving their collision behind after going to another zone.
- Fixed the bug with mobs leaving dungeons to chase the player.
- Mobs now correctly travel between dungeon floors.
- Enemies no longer use “Mark of the Feast” on themselves.
- Fixed crashes caused by Inferno, Ring of Fire, and Fire Barrage.
- Added an additional condition for the Task of acquiring falchions and cleavers: the smith will no longer accept cursed swords.
- Fixed the food spoilage in merchants’ inventories.
- Fixed the bug with Distracting Shot.
- Fixed the bug with lighting up fires.
- Fixed the bug with Distracting shot not dealing damage.
- Fixed the bug with Experience Points not being granted when mobs bleed out outside of Vision range.
- Fixed the bug with repeating reputation gain for completing three contracts.
- Fixed the map activation during dialogues.
- Fixed Brigand Warlocks appearing behind their targets after using a dash.
- Removed the possibility of luring the Ancient Troll away from its location.
- Fixed the bug which had been adding cooldowns to zero cooldown abilities.
- Fixed lightning strikes in villages.
- Fixed the incorrect collision disappearance in certain scenarios.
- Fixed dungeons not resetting upon generation of new contracts.
- Fixed the bug with Proselyte Tormentor’s ability, which had been causing him to apply Stun and Knockback with every strike.
- Fixed a number of bugs caused by animals moving to other zones.
- Fixed the crash caused by opening a container outside of camera view.
- Removed the possibility of leveling “Excess Heat” twice.
- Removed the possibility of performing Counterattacks and Attacks of Opportunity with a bow.
- Fixed the bug with archers recovering from their injuries after switching to melee.
- Fixed the bug with the Troll not using “Shockwave” in melee range.
- Fixed food items being placed underneath other items in the inventory upon spoiling.
- Fixed the crash caused by being forced to drop an open quiver.
- Fixed the bug causing the loss of control over the character upon removing a consumable from hands.
- Fixed the bug allowing to receive both Stun and Daze.
- Fixed the camera return when trading and the movement restriction when opening containers.
- Added a restriction for resting while there are retreating enemies within Vision.
- Fixed the incorrect reset of modifiers’ duration time.
- Fixed camera bugs.
- Fixed NPC collisions.
- Fixed the bug allowing opening doors without spending a turn.
- Fixed the bug with lock-picking not spending a turn if it fails.
- Removed the possibility of moving the camera while the trade or container menus are open.
- Fixed a number of AI bugs.
- Fixed the crash caused by a golem being summoned after the caster’s death.
- Fixed the crash during a delayed attack.
- Fixed the collision bug in hallways.
- Fixed effects’ duration for consuming acorns.


- Added an animation for dropping coins.
- Removed outlines during animations.
- Improvements to the lighting system.
- Fixed visual bugs with Bastion rubble.
- The Mancatcher’s net no longer glows.


- Fixed aggroing sounds.
- Fixed the disappearing Troll step sound.
- Added a sound effect for the Curse of Loudmouth.


- Villagers received new speech lines for different reputation levels.
- Added a log message for switching ammo types.
- Added a log message for learning an unidentified potion's effect by drinking it.
- Numerous fixes across all localizations.
high rated
Update (24 October 2020)

Changelog from Steam.

- Fixed the bosses not being spawned during NPC rescue contracts.
- Fixed the Soulstealer Curse not working properly.
- Fixed the crash during the dialogue with Verren.
- Heraldic Note now improves your reputation with Mannshire.
- Fixed the low durability of sarcophaguses.
- Fixed the bug causing ranged enemies to continue using their ranged Accuracy value after switching to melee.
- Fixed the crashes caused by issues with modifiers.
- Fixed the crash on loading if the player saves their game after being attacked by the Wraith’s “Dissipation”.
- FIxed the crash caused by two Ghasts casting “Binding Sigil” on each other.
- Fixed incorrect stat colors for quivers and arrows.
- Fixed the bug with enemies using consumables while stunned.
- Fixed the bug with the sound effect of dropped gold being heard across the entire zone.
- Fixed “Baptism by Fire” reducing modifiers’ duration by an incorrect amount.
- Fixed “Concussion” applying resistance reduction for an incorrect duration.
- Removed another possibility of luring the Troll from his zone.
- Fixed the Brigand Ambusher using an incorrect sprite after switching to melee.
- Added sound effects for wooden amulets.
- Retrieving the Boar Head now slightly improves your reputation with Osbrook.
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Update (4 November 2020)

• Added Japanese localization.
• Fixed the error in the hit detection algorithm, which hadn’t been correctly factoring in Dodge Chance when calculating hit chance for arrows.
• Fixed archers being resurrected with a ranged weapon after dying with a melee weapon.
• Fixed “Blaze” granting double reduction for active Cooldowns.
• Fixed dogs being able to open doors.
• Fixed the bug causing Reputation gain each time you take a free beer from Brukk.
• Praying at shrines now immediately restores some Morale and Sanity.
• “Deafening Roar” is now put on cooldown when the fight begins.
• Snakes can no longer poison when missing their attacks.
• Fixed the issue with changes to cursed items' stats not being correctly displayed.
• Fixed the issue with two or more Ghasts casting “Binding Sigil” simultaneously.
• Increased prices of most consumables.
• Decreased prices of all treatises.
• «Anticipation»: Applies the target with [-10 > -5]% Dodge Chance [10 > 4] after landing a shot and grants [5 > 7.5]% Accuracy for [10 > 4] turns when missing.
• «Flame Saturation»: [Replenishes 5% Max Energy > Grants -20% Spells Energy Cost for 2 turns] each time an enemy within Vision is ignited.
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Update (8 January 2021)

- The character no longer gets wet in the rain if staying under a tree.
- Fixed the duration of “Defensive Tactic”.
- Fixed “Mighty Kick” not applying Stagger when failing to knock its target back.
- Fixed crashes caused by throwing certain items.
- Fixed “Taking Aim” not working with crossbows.
- Reputation bonuses which increase traders’ stock no longer apply to the trapper and the scribe.
- Removed an excess folder in the trapper’s trade menu.
- Fixed the crash caused by dying to an unsuccessfully disarmed trap.
- “Blow After Blow” no longer triggers from destroying props.
- Fixed enemies spawning outside of the Abbey’s walls.
- Changed the on-hit algorithm: Fumble Chance is now given a priority over Crit Chance.
- “Grave Chill” now puts abilities on a 1-4 turns Cooldown instead of a 5 turns one.
- Fixed the incorrect duration of the effect of Al’qud.
- Changed priorities for enemies’ consumable usage.
- Fixed the automatic turn skip upon entering a new location.
- Added “Skinning” to the ability bar.
- Map tiles with points of interest now follow the same weather rules as the rest of the world.
- Coughing now correctly reduces Energy by 10 points, not 10%.
- Fixed trajectories for chopped heads.
- Birds no longer scare each other when taking off.
- “Determination” no longer hits the Troll multiple times.
- Fixed “Arc Cleave” replenishing an incorrect amount of Energy.
- Fixed “Onslaught” burning an incorrect amount of Energy.
- Runic boulders now generate less noise upon being raised.
- Fixed “Taste of Victory” not replenishing Energy.
- “Defensive Tactic” no longer grants an extra stack to stances when using a spell.
- “Feast of Steel” now grants Crit Chance instead of Stagger Chance, as stated in its description.
- Fixed some enemies getting multiple Pain debuffs simultaneously.
- Fixed saigas not dropping any meat when skinned.
- The undead and wraith enemies can no longer be put in Coma.
- Mushrooms can now spoil.
- Fixed the crash caused by “Hunter’s Mark”.
- Fixed the character moving into a tile with a trap right after setting it up.
- Log messages about enemies getting the Pain debuff no longer appear while they are hidden in the fog of war.
- Fixed the missing sprite for the damaged Visored Bascinet.
- Multiple fixes to enemy search algorithms.
- Numerous text fixes.