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Sorry if this belongs on the specific Stonekeep forum page, but I thought asking here might get me a faster response.

My problem is that I am on the Sharga Mines level of the game and I have already saved (unfortunately, all of my saved games) after awakening the Ettin, the two-headed giant that kills you unless you cast silent and creep past him to open the chest. My question is this:

How the hell do you get the bastard to go back to sleep? Is there any way, at all? Or do I just have to reset the game, and start over? Not a single save game is before awakening him, and he really doesn't seem to go back to sleep, even if I go back 2 or 3 stages and wait hours before going to the Sharga Mines level and trying to go to his lair again. I can always see that he's still awake and standing up, now down on the ground and asleep. My question is, is this an intentional flaw, ala King's Quest/Sierra, where if you didn't save right, you're now screwed, and have to start completely over from scratch, or is there something you can do in game to make him fall back asleep so as not to ruin 12 hours+ of gameplay time? Really annoyed if Interplay chose the latter, it's such a basic thing to fix. Anyway, if anyone can help me, or refer me to someone who can, I would greatly appreciate it, and my saved game would greatly appreciate it too! Thanks! Will also try re-posting in the appropriate forum....
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