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Torbersane: I am definitely getting this so far I have a feeling of GOG being that "bargain bin" that I never found. With this and Fallout I can only hope to see more classic games.

You said exactly the right words there M8! :)
I missed this the first time around but when i saw it here thought cool got to try it. Intro is quite good just takes a bit to get into the game.
Thanks UK John for your awesome instructions on running Stonekeep. I basically get all of it right except when it comes to choose the sound card, that is when it just plain crashes, I have tried almost everything...except maybe load an older computer laptop of mine with Win 95 or 98 and maybe play it on that........but that is or seems like too much work and I hate laptops for gaming with a passion.........
Much appreciated and remember I am not a Computer genius techie person here, I can do many many things with a computer and I can run many older games in Dos Bot but Stonekeep remains a mystery to me.........LOL
I just finished playing this game for like an hour: it's awesome. My only concern is that the manual says use middle mouse to make an item faster... but that doesn't seem to work. I want it to work so I can eat the roots faster to heal up. As of now, I have to click+drag because MMB doesn't work.