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I must preface this by telling you that I am not very technical at all. So if the solution involves messing about with files, would you supply baby steps, thanks.

I bought "Stonekeep" from you ages ago, but never got around to it. The other day I installed it on my "Win 7" laptop and found that while I could access the mirror and the inventory by hovering the mouse as described in the manual, I didn't get anything for Journal. (And subsequently no map either.)

The keyboard shortcuts described in the manual for journal and/or map do nothing either and I couldn't find it by simply pressing every key on the keyboard individually, in the hope it was bound someplace else.

I'm never surprised by issues on this laptop because it really isn't a gaming machine at all and I always count it as a bonus if a game actually runs well on there. But now I downloaded and installed "Stonekeep" on a separate Win XP machine I found exactly the same problem!

It's official then, I'm clearly doing something wrong. :) Many thanks in advance for your help to get me going.
All the best
It's been awhile since I last played, but I do believe you don't start with the journal/map. You need to find it/them. I can't remember if the map is apart of the journal or not.
Ah, thanks thealienguy, I knew I must be missing something. Back in those days it was sometimes an understatement to say that games didn't hold your hand. :) Good news is that I can put it back on my laptop now. :) I could have played it on the XP machine, but without boring you with the details it's the laptop where I wanted it. :)

Thanks fella.