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Title says it all, but has anyone finished the game since buying from gog?
I have not, but would like to at some point.
Well... I finished it :) And it is cool I must say - pretty fun it is :)
Not yet, but I'm working on it :-)
hashishen: Not yet, but I'm working on it :-)
I have not finished it either, but working on it. I've hit a dead end in Khull Khumm tower. One of my all time favorites!
I bought it from GOG and finished it, but I did both of those things a while ago. It's a fun game but there are definitely some tough and annoying spots. I had to check a walkthrough a few times.
Since I bought the game on GoG, I was playing around the various levels of the game using my now 14 years old saves :) Don't ask why I still keep them. I burned them to 3 different CDs and 2 DVDs during the years. One of my all time favorites. The ending is nice although the final battle is not that hard really.
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Yes, that must be in 1995 or 1996 the first time in an english version, this was sold first in germany, and when they offered the german version of stonekeep too, i have played it complete too. now this is a long time ago...... over the years i have carried the two versions i have ( englisch and german ) in my pocket (and my heart), but now at the time of windows xp , it was hard to find a way to make the game working ( like lost eden etc... atlantis etc..) but now i have heard from dox box , and GOG ! now i was suprised AGAIn from the game, and its comeback... but it is like a deja vu, first i have to plaed in english, and ... now i tried to make my german version working too, like some years ago...
now, i am playing stonekeep again, a very super valid game, now on these days too.

lets play stonekeep....
I bought this game a few years after its release but I could never complete it. However when I found it on I decided that I'd have a full and concerted effort to play this game to completion and I was very proud of myself in the end.

This is my moment of glory ...
Looks like I can allow myself to feel some pride here... I did get this game when it was new with that beautiful shiny box. And I did play it through those many years ago without external aid. :)

By the way, dear GOG: Back then there was a novel packed with the game providing a lot of background - praytell, why is it not part of the bonus material? :>
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Finished it back in the day. Bought it when it came out. Don't remember where to go for what or anything like that. So if I play again it will be like new! :)
I've finished it before, but not since I bought it from GOG because that was only yesterday!

Amazing game though, definitely one of my all-time favourites.
No, but up to First level of the mines and loving it
I finished this game years ago after buying it as part of Interplay's Ultimate RPG Archives. I might very well buy it again here just to have it conveniently at hand and to send a bit more money the developer's way. All hail the Great Wahooka!
I needed a walkthrough. It's really fun to play but there are some points in the game which are just nasty - if you do certain things in the wrong way or the wrong order it can make the game unwinnable. I got up to the ice queen's realm on my own but then managed to lock myself out of the faerie realm, without knowing how I did it.

Did finish the game in the end though and was a bit disappointed with the ending, but the actual gameplay was great.
Faithful: Title says it all, but has anyone finished the game since buying from gog?

I have not, but would like to at some point.
Many many times! This is an old favorite going back to 1995. I used to keep an old DOS based Pentium PC around just to be able to go back and play it periodically (in the days before DosBox). I still play it through from start to finish every year or two.