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Fate-is-one-edge: The links you posted are landing on a "403 code-Forbidden" page.

What are they supposed to be anyways?
vv221: To be able to use these download links, you need to be connected to a GOG account owning the soundtrac DLC for Stellaris.
→ setup_stellaris_complete_soundtrack_2.3.3.1_(30871).exe
→ setup_stellaris_complete_soundtrack_2.3.3.1_(30871)-1.bin
Despite this being a Windows installer, in a format (InnoSetup) GOG usually uses only for games themselves, this one contains the soundtrack.
You practically mean this, right?
If so, it is confirmed that the offline DLC installer for the "Original Game Soundtrack" is updated, with the downside that it needs the main game already installed in order to deploy.
fullost.jpg (21 Kb)
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Fate-is-one-edge: (…)
The screenshot you linked has been taken from Galaxy, right?
These links are not shown when you use the website.

On the website you have another link for the soundtrack instead (a single archive, not a two-parts installer), and this one is outdated. Said link is shown in the "extras" part of the game card, not the "DLC installers" one like I suspect the Galaxy links would be.

Here is the link you get from the website:
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