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I absolutely love this marvelous game - And especially that you recently "did a lot of work on movement and pathing" - very much appreciated. :) - You must be an absolute genius to craft this all alone and to update it in such short time-periods. ;-)
But sadly I also have a big issue with it: As a left hand player I can only switch buttons "mentally" (= use the normal right button as the left - and vice versa), because in your game it's not possible to switch left/right mouse buttons via configuration / setup - that's VERY inconvenient, to say the least. :( (normally games use the windows-configuration, where I have switched those buttons, already - but this, too, is not the case in your game. :/) - Therefore I would like to ask: Could you please make left and right mouse buttons interchangeable (or "teach" your game how to use the win-configuration ;-)) ? That would be very nice (and I (or other left hand players) could enjoy your splendid game even more). ;-)
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