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Version 0.595

A number of fixes and updates here. A lot of other work completed related to localization, UI element sizing and general issues related to localization. I'll be posting this patch in the next hour.

Updated - Darkened background of weapon UI in ground exploration. Updated fonts so ammo count, AP Requirement and fire mode stand out better on the background.
Updated - Moved health kit and grenade count from over selected icons to field above grenades and health kits. Added AP cost to rollover info.
Updated - Text in hacking window over progress bar moved where it can be seen.
Updated - A few updates to new icons on main UI so icons stand out better.
Updated - Localization update - Note that localization is a work in progress. I'm really grateful for all of you who have reached out over the last few days. Community members are looking closely at German, French, Spanish and Russian. Thank you!

Fixed - If you have a dedicated hacker and remove the hacking tool, a message is sent to your log letting you know who your dedicated hacker is and that the hacker does not have a hacking tool equipped. If you are in a situation where you cannot hack, you need to equip the dedicated hacker with a hacking tool
Fixed - Loot UI - 4th loot slot in upper row fixed when clicking to loot.
Fixed - Loot UI now only responds to "SPACE" when looting all instead of any key.
Fixed - Grenade blast radius is displayed correctly when using the keyboard shortcut [O]
Fixed - When out of combat and moving, weapons now swap correctly with the hotkey or weapon swap icon. You cannot swap weapons while moving in combat. You must be stationary.
Fixed - A large number of edits to UI elements that had issues with translated text.
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Version 0.596

Fixed - An issue with character creation when assigning skill points.
Fixed - A number of localization fixes.
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Version 0.599

Updated: Localization updated for French, Russian, German and Spanish. A HUGE thank you to everyone working on the translation! This is an ongoing project.

Updated: Mining drones will launch with the most recent drone launch state set using a new button on the drone manager window.

Fixed: Drone retrieve button is now hidden if a drone is not in a state where it can be retrieved.
Fixed: A fix for dedicated hacking, craft, salvage and repair crew members that are removed from the party and/or no longer have active hacking devices equipped. The dedicated crew flag gets reset and the currently selected crew member initiates the hack (if they have a hacking device), repair, crafting etc. Thanks for reporting the issue.
Fixed: Humanoid NPC's were rarely if ever throwing grenades. Skull NPC's have a higher chance of having grenade inventory. The chance of a NPC throwing a grenade is based on the games difficulty level set in the options menu.
Fixed: A rare lockup related to attacks of opportunity.
FIXED: A lockup when selecting a friendly planetary starbase on a planet that is out of range - approaching and selecting the landing icon. Previously, a second selection was required when in range.
FIXED: Ship icons on screen are now cleared when loading a quicksave or autosave to a ground location from space.
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Version 0.599c

Updated: Localizations updated.
Updated: NPC's have fewer grenades in inventory. NPC's are less likely to throw stun grenades if their target is already stunned.
Fixed: A bug where the incorrect PC was displayed in inventory after transitioning from the Dauntless and immediately opening inventory.
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Version 0.599d

HOTFIX - A fix for a equipment repair state that could cause crew members to become invulnerable to damage.
Version 0.599g

Updated - Reduced the value of crafted ship equipment when selling to vendors. Crafted ship equipment has a lower value than looted space equipment. Overall, selling crafted ship equipment was OP and still is. This will all be adjusted with a major pass at the overall economy. The value of these items is still high and a very good way to earn a lot of money in the game if you want to skill up crafting/salvaging and gather the resources. It's important to note that there are salvage perks you can enable that increase the chance to loot schematics by as much as 10% when you have a high level of salvage skill.
Updated - Increased reward values for boarded ships salvaged/repaired and sold to Arkus. I will be expanding your interactions with Arkus through the game story to allow players to earn a ship rather than paying for one.
Updated - Depleted planetary nodes now have an icon - drone with red "X".
Fixed - A rare case where incursions would stop spawning.
Fixed - Salvaging Helmets in languages other than English would not generate "strap" resources.
Fixed - Switching languages from the main menu in the same session would not correctly populate foreign language strings for crafting and salvaging.
Fixed - The ammo converter device was not working in languages other than English. Thanks for reporting this!
Fixed - When activating the taunt weapon skill and switching weapons, the range circle effect was not disappearing.

Updated - Translations for French, Russian, Spanish and German.
Fixed - The stats of crafted items were extending over the numbers numbers in some cases.
Fixed - Adjusted fonts for lists in scanned data UI's (planets and ships)
Fixed - Adjusted font size of "Click to re-roll item's attributes[...]".
Fixed - The names of crafted items were partial untranslated.
Fixed - When crafting mods, e.g. trigger groups, "WEAPON TYPE" was not translated. and "PISTOL/SMG" was untranslated
Fixed - When crafting beam weapons, "BEAM TYPE" and "ELECTRON" was untranslated when first displayed.
Fixed - When crafting turrets, "TURRET MOUNT" and "TURRET TYPE" were not translated. When changing from "LIGHT" to "HEAVY" labels were untranslated.
Fixed - Log when mining was not translated
Fixed - When editing the portrait of a crew member, several UI elements were untranslated.
Fixed - "Objectives" in the objective tracker from the trade net were not translated ("pick up" and "deliver").
Fixed - When a beacon is placed in a boarded ship the button "Initialize beacon" was not translated.
Fixed - "Repairing Shields" was not translated.
Fixed - In the boarding objectives panel, the headline was not translated.
Fixed - "Repair Progress", "Repair", "Salvage" and "Exit Repairs" are now translated.
Fixed - Headline for "item name" in storage on bases was cut off.
Fixed - In the transfer screen for storage on stations/bases, "Quantity" and "Cancel" are now translated.
Fixed - Mouse overs of vendors were not translated.
Fixed - Vendor name label expanded for cases where text exceeds label limit.
Fixed - The right button when dismissing a crew member was not displaying the correct translated text.
Fixed - The cancel button when trading was displaying the incorrect translation string.
Fixed - Perk award popups were not displaying correct translated text.
Fixed - Reduced size of status effects below the portrait so foreign language strings are not cut off.
Fixed - On the salvage screen, "schematic" was not translated.
Fixed - When deleting items from the inventory, the "cancel" button was not translated.
Fixed - Mouse over of data cards was not translated. Going forward - data cards that swap will be correctly translated.
Fixed - "You find a basic XXX schematic" was not translated in the log and splash screen.
Fixed - Flash screen for "objectives completed" was only partly translated.
Fixed - Quality level of equipment in the description popups was not translated.