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Version 0.593

Hello all! I’m posting a patch today that fixes a number of issues. This is primarily a stability and bug fix patch with a few other bells and whistles. It’s important to note that this is not the Chapter 1 patch. I am busy working on that and will post progress updates as things move along.

Note that a lot of data was touched for this patch so the download will be fairly large.

Here is what you will find in the patch:
1) A major stability fix related to level load lockups
2) A number of other fixes listed below
3) The updated game UI.
4) A first pass at localization to Spanish, French, German and Russian languages.
5) A warning screen if compatibility issues related to drivers and 3D rendering support are discovered when the game loads.

LOCALIZATION -French, German, Spanish and Russian
Localization is VERY ROUGH right now. I'm sure there will be a number of embarrassing language issues and typos. If you want to join the localization process to clean up the rough edges, check the link below for more info and the pinned topic at the top of that forum. I'll post translation edits and fixes with future patches as they become available.

Join the community translation. I'm looking for a few people who are interested in editing and updating the Spanish, French and Russian translations. The German translation is in good shape.
Send a note to if you are interested in getting involved.

You can change the language in the "Gameplay" tab of the options screen.

In some cases text in various languages may be too large for the UI and scroll past the boundaries of the UI area. If you notice these, please report them on the translation sub-forum here. A screenshot would really help.

Old mission data is not localized. That data is saved in your current save and will continue to be displayed in English.

New missions that you take will be localized.

Some items in your inventory in existing saves may have descriptions and other information that are part of the save and will not be translated. New items of the same type found or purchased from vendors - like health packs - will be translated.

Almost everything should be translated, however, I am still looking for places where English text is displayed in a field so expect that there will still be a small number of places where a fix is needed.

Things that need to be translated or won't be translated for technical reasons: Crafting component suffixes, mod names, system names, character names, names of minerals, commodity names, and weapons names. There may also be a few other areas that are not translated that will get fixed over time.

Removed the HELP screen. Pressing "H" now opens the guide directly. The help screen is obsolete as all keys can be viewed and edited in the options menu and most of the information on that screen is available in the guide.

A warning interface is displayed at the main menu if your PC is not compatible with Stellar Tactics. This covers failed shader compilation and a review of all the core graphics requirements to run the game. If your system fails the check, an interface is displayed that provides a few suggestions like updating your drivers and making sure your system is utilizing your dedicated graphics GPU.

Optimizations in may areas
UPDATED: Load times improved.
UPDATED: After completing the Phestus mission, FTL drives are now available in Achmedius at ship equipment vendors.
UPDATED: Universe ship manager performance updates - especially for games that have hundreds of hours of stored ship, system and station data.
UPDATED: Reduced the size of the selected ship reticle. Added transparency to selection options.
UPDATED: New portraits for main story characters (Rhamus, Jensen etc.) to match future story content portraits.
UPDATED: Precaching of dynamically loaded assets in space to avoid hitches.
UPDATED: You can now loot all by pressing the space bar.
UPDATED: NPC ships attack each other once again. I'll keep an eye on the forums in case there are any issues. Keep an eye out for free loot chests from these battles.
UPDATED: The game UI has been revised with a new custom UI.
FIXED: A random lockup when transitioning between areas during the loading screen.
FIXED: A random lockup in space combat.
FIXED: A random crash when displaying the line of sight indicators in ground combat.
FIXED: A potential lock up in the early game when opening the ship screen before launching to space.
FIXED: The left arrow when selecting crew voices on the portrait/name/voice editing UI was not working.
FIXED: In some cases, incursions were not being triggered. If you are in a state where incursions will not trigger, travel to another star system and the issue should be resolved.
FIXED: When crafting, a message is displayed on the screen if your inventory is full. You can no longer start crafting a schematic if your inventory or cargo are full.
FIXED: The ship storage display is now closed when pressing ESC if in the ship UI.
FIXED: A bug related to initializing incursions after Rhamus/Jensen leave crew on trade station.
FIXED: Infinite experience when crafting (processing items by pressing the enter key).
FIXED: KO crew members could block movement in narrow passageways.

Version 0.593b
Fixed - Ship beam weapons now function as intended
Fixed - Russian translation progression when first arriving in Ruins
Post edited December 04, 2021 by StellarTactics
StellarTactics: FIXED: A random crash when displaying the line of sight indicators in ground combat.
Not sure if this was the specific fix, but this update has fixed the one major problem I had (and reported three times last year to the support email, though without receiving any reply) - crashes to desktop during ground combat, particularly in the Achmedius Research Station but also when trying to use grenades anywhere else. Not seen a single crash since updating to 0.593, so this is great news!

The UI does seem clearer in most cases but there are a couple of issues:
* the weapon UI background (previously black) now obscures the ammunition count (see attached screenshot) - reverting this would be better. However being able to adjust fire mode from here is a big plus;
* moving the medkit and grenade buttons to the weapon UI seems a backward step - there are now five buttons clustered by this UI making it trickier to identify/select the right one;
* Ship armour repair - this button has been mislabeled as "Ore" (see second screenshot) - selecting it does the repair as usual though.

Sound seems to have been remixed and when transitioning between areas (e.g. docking, boarding an enemy ship) I now get a sporadic sound effect through the rear speakers. Is this intentional?

Looking forward to the next update!
Hi AstralWanderer - Not sure how I missed your messages to support. I am glad the game is working for you.

I'll be addressing a number of issues, some of which you mention in your post soon. I'm not sure why that audio is being send to your rear channel. I've added a note to my list.

Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks for the update, I will check this out later.