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I was wondering about how this game deals with things like level scaling and max levels? I would guess (and I really hope) that level scaling is not a topic? And is the maximum level for a character or skill limited?
Maybe someone who played this game for some time can help me out :)
So i found out that there in fact is level scaling. That is a pity. Would be great if this would be completely optional, so switching off level scaling at all to have (very) easy difficulty in some areas and hard (impossible) difficulty in others until I'm ready for it. My issue with level scaling is: what is is the point in leveling then? If i decide to grind to have things easy in a specific area, that should be my choice and be rewarded in a way that things will be as easy as I want them to be :)
I understand the point with level scaling, i just think it should be optional. Because the game is still in development, maybe this is an idea for future changes :)
Thank you for posting this info. Indeed, I find level scaling to be a rather stupid mechanic, defeating somewhat the purpose (or maybe just the satisfaction) of leveling up. But, I guess, it also depends on how it is implemented.

Unfortunately for me, I've already got the game, but haven't tried it yet. Now in the hindsight, I would've probably hold off on the purchase. I'll give it a try much later after the full release and see how the level scaling will impact my game play enjoyment.
Let me say first that i think the game looks extremely good! The developer made a fantastic job so far, everything i saw so far looks fantastic, and when he continues his plans to include a deep story line, i think the game will be a truely unique experience! I bought the game some time ago because i wanted to support the development, and though i didn't play it so far i definitely don't regret it! My hope is that by the feedback i give I could influence the development process, because i think it's still some time until the game will be finished :)

My take in asking about level scaling and level max was that in the past whenever i played these "huge" rpgs, very often these points were something i could call a showstopper for me. Starting with level max, i remember playing "Kingdom of Amalur" until i reached the point that no further level progress could be achieved. I experienced the same in many other games, and almost always i instantly lost interest in the game, rushing through it because it felt the game was already beaten. But why a level max? I often hear that this should prevent games becoming too easy in end game, but honestly: if we're talking about RPGs, then the main criteria for an RPG is that i play it the way i want it to play. If i am making all side quests and grinding in fights, then the reward will be end game to be easier (i could say that this pretty much reflects the "real" world where being hard working rewards with an easier life, ideally). Not everything that has levels and skills is an RPG, there are "RPGs" and "RPG likes", and in fact you'll find few games out there that does not include some kind of leveling nowadays, what in many cases i welcome it because it's good for motivation. But the difference is that in an RPG, I decide how i play it. And everything i said about level max counts for level scaling, too. What's wrong with areas where the enemies are just too tough for me now...come back later is just fine when you've proven yourself to handle difficult enemies. I understand the point of level scaling: making areas too difficult so you'd need to play very long to get to them will make people flee who just want to have a good time in a "different world". You could solve that by difficulty settings, or an optional (!) level scaling. I'm totally fine with everything that makes games more accessible. But if it comes to basic role playing mechanism (like leveling), level scaling takes away the purpose of leveling. We all remember Oblivion and how terrible their take on level scaling was.

So, in a nutshell: I'm not saying rpgs must be difficult, but they must be rewarding. If I work hard, I'll make my life easier. If i decide to become a half-god and blow the final boss away with one punch, this is the result of my effort. If i decide to play just for the story, include a story mode that can even have level scaling.
Difficulty levels can affect the minimum levels needed for specific areas, so you don't even need scaling, keep the levels low for story gamers, medium for gamers who want a rewarding experience, and high for those who like to spend dozens of hours in grinding.

If you ask me on what spectrum i am, i can say the whole one: some games i play in easy, some in medium, very very few in hard. But whenever possible without level scaling and level max, sometimes achieving this with the help of mods if necessary. Thanks for reading :)
Woodwine22: ...My take in asking about level scaling and level max was that in the past whenever i played these "huge" rpgs, very often these points were something i could call a showstopper for me. Starting with level max, i remember playing "Kingdom of Amalur" until i reached the point that no further level progress could be achieved....level scaling takes away the purpose of leveling...
I would agree with you on having a level maximum that is achievable before game end, since that does put the brake on further character progression. In practice, most CRPG systems have to have some sort of maximum, but ideally it should be set at a level no player can practically reach (for Stellar Tactics, it is currently level 100).

For level scaling, the situation is a little different. Yes, having everything matched to your character level does remove the benefit of gaining experience - but by a similar token, games need to include some element of scaling to provide a challenge. For Stellar Tactics, there are two main types of combat - ground and space. My impression is that ground combat is scaled to your characters while space combat is scaled to the system level (not tested this, since I'm still grubbing around Achmedius system scraping together enough beads and trinkets to purchase a battlecruiser). In such a case, partial scaling would seem the best option (where scaling is tied to location - so NewbieZone is limited to levels 1-10 while SuicideAnarchistZone does levels 90-100).

Of course, there should be a small chance of something appearing that is far stronger than "typical" level, just to keep players on their toes... ;)