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Basically I'm just wondering if the devs have a blog or anything like that where they show what they are working on, what the plans for the future are and when there might be any new updates coming out. I'm a big fan of the game so far so I'm curious to see where it's heading. Thanks.
I generally keep this info on another site - however, I should post this here. I see if I can have a post pinned to this forum.


UPDATED 6/21/20]
I thought I would post the development roadmap for everyone. While I won't make promises or provide any hard dates for the release of any of the features below. I'll keep this post pinned and update it if/when there are changes.

The "Prologue" is the initial release of Stellar Tactics on Steam Early Access. It currently contains almost unlimited gameplay with the opening of the universe.

I should also say that though internal testing of these systems shows that these systems are stable and fully playable, Early Access will most certainly surface new bugs/issues/problems as well as gameplay balance and hardware-specific issues. Early Access is for those who want to play the game and be involved in providing feedback, suggestions and who don't mind a few rough edges.

All translations to foreign languages will take place when the game is finished. I can only translate the game once and with possible story changes etc, that is the ideal time to translate the game.

Just a note on the definition of [DONE] below - I plan to return to all systems and add polish. Systems like combat will get additional features and polish. The goal right now is to get the main systems in, gather feedback and then go back and polish based on community suggestions.

DONE - All core ground animation, navigation and interface complete and ready for testing
DONE - Ground combat implemented and ready for feedback
DONE - Space navigation and interface ready for testing
DONE - Mission system
DONE - Dialog system
DONE - Log system
DONE - Hacking
DONE - Weapon Mod system
DONE - Dynamic and static loot system
DONE - Complete prologue narrative and all missions through Achmedius (the first Star System you encounter)
DONE - Universe creation system
DONE - "Autonomous Universe AI" (AUAI Living Universe) with AI travel and destination
DONE - Asteroid Mining
DONE - Fully functional Load/Save
DONE - Transitions from ground/space/space/ground
DONE - Combat perks for all COMBAT skills to level 60

Following Prologue, I'll release the ALPHA version when the following systems are ready for testing. I may roll some of these systems out during Alpha as they become ready:
Sneaking and trap system
Additional Devices (combat-related and other)
"Azimuth" available upon discovery - powerful team synergy ground combat skills
Additional narrative and locations for the main story
Tuning pass
*ONGOING* - Further updates to the combat system - additional features, polish and devices related to combat, combat navigation and the addition of attacks of opportunity.
*ONGOING* - "Autonomous Universe AI" (AUAI) faction and additional AI states
DONE - Boarding
DONE - Crafting
DONE - Commodities Trade system
DONE - Ground Mining drone system
DONE - Cargo transfer
DONE - Perks through level 100 (combat, space, first aid, and hacking) - other perk lines will go in with features as I roll them out.
*DONE* - Weapon mod removal
*DONE* - Unlock of all space sectors (10,000 total)
*DONE* - FTL Travel - FTL map available
*DONE* - Mapping system - I'll likely expand on this in the future
*DONE* - Grenades and Health Kits will be moved to their own action bar slots.
*DONE* - Dynamic mission generator
*DONE* - Shipyards available for purchasing and customizing ships
*DONE* - Space Combat - first pass ready for feedback
*DONE* - Faction Agents will buy scan data

When all the above systems are implemented I'll open up the BETA. During BETA I will be tackling the following:
Global tuning pass
"Autonomous Universe AI" (AUAI) testing and tuning
Addition of remaining narrative and locations for the main story
Additional locations for Dynamic missions
Ability to override portraits with custom portraits for your team members.


Whats next? - Updated 6/21/20

I'll be focusing on these systems as I move to finalize the required features for Alpha.

Grouping these together so everyone knows what to expect in the next content patch:
Special weapon attacks
Perks for crafting, repair and salvaging. Perks rewarded at earlier levels and more often.
Overall tightening up of combat pace
Updates to mission types including mining missions, capture and board missions, and a basic expansion of the existing mission system.
Repair system for both space and ground. The space repair system will allow you to assign crew members to ship repairs. You will of course still be able to pay for repairs on stations. This includes the re-implementation of ship equipment, and ground-based weapon and armor wear.

Beyond that:
Ability to assign perks from the crew manager
A few additional devices that can be used in combat.
Sneaking and trap system
Patrolling enemies and NPC's
Quick itemization tuning pass

These items are done for now.
The boarding system - disable ships, board them, capture them and sell them.
Addition of weapons for pugilism - specifically gloves that take mods and a few adjustments to damage
Right click targeting menu for body target selection including a display for status effects and resists. The resist display will key off of your "perception" skill.
Introduction of the Kchor and Fabricant mutations to the universe
Implement new animations
Space trading - will be adding a few additional features for sorting
Ground mining drone system
Quick ground and space combat tuning pass
Faction Agents will buy scan data
Cargo transfer on stations
Perks to level 100 - (combat, space, first aid, hacking)
Add and remove mods from your equipment at any time.
Open universe, FTL, tons of new content (in the upcoming patch)
Assigned to animator - A second pass at a number of the combat animations that are long overdue. DONE: Need to be implemented in the game. Will come sometime in the near future
Assigned to animator - Addition of a couple of new combat animations (specifically for pike/spear animations and special attacks) DONE: Need to be implemented in the game. Will come sometime in the near future
Crew management system - the ability to add and dismiss crew members and perform other tasks. The current system is very basic and I had always planned to expand on it. Before opening the FTL gates, this needs to be improved on and refined.
Food and drink - Currently team members auto-regenerate after combat. That will change when the food system goes in. I may tie this into the difficulty system or even make it an option that you can turn on or off. I realize some people do not like that level of micro-management. NOTE: Moving this out to Alpha - this sub-system really isn't required to get everyone out into the universe. Not gone, just being moved to a later stage of development.
Adjustments to combat awareness in space - Gutter icons, directional indicators and video tutorials for space navigation and combat. NOTE: I'm taking a pass on gutter icons for now. Put them in the game and did a few tests, but they clutter up the screen too much. I'm may look into this again during Alpha or Beta.
A radar-based mapping system for ground exploration.
Revision of the current combat blocking system to provide better visibility and balance enemies vs player characters when moving in combat.
A few new features for ground combat - Attacks of opportunity and defensive posture. I'll look at guard during alpha - need to move forward with work to open FTL gates.
AI adjustments and fixes to enemy AI in combat
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