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Hello, new player here. Just finished Dauntless and trying to do a couple of quests:

-Clear the Slice Mines for Scarby
-Halamis station on Achmedius VIII

Long story short, when I approach these planets, there's nothing there. Scanning the planet doesn't seem to do anything. There's no "red dot" as listed in the guide. I can't seem to progress from here. Screen attached.

Any help is appreciated!
planets.jpg (326 Kb)
This question / problem has been solved by Toccattaimage
That image still shows "NO DATA" for the planet, which means you didn't successfully scan the planet. The only thing I can think of that might cause that is if you're still at the early stages of the game and haven't recruited NPCs to fill out the ship positions. Is there someone in the Electronics section? If not, move your own character into the Electronics position (either on the crew manager or the ship UI) and try scanning the planet again.

Once you've successfully scanned a landing site, a new icon will appear to the right of the scan icon under the planetary map when you get within range of the planet. Click it to land on the surface.

Just a note, though... if you haven't recruited NPCs to help, then you probably don't want to try clearing the slice mine, and if you have, just make sure that one of them is assigned to the electronics position.
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Thanks Tocatta, you're exactly right. I don't have any team members yet as I can't afford them. Once the main character was moved to electronics, the planet could be scanned and the landing site showed up! I'm going to take your advice and wait until I have a team though, especially after that brood mother fight.

Off to try to figure out how to make some money, I appreciate your help!