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I see the map name still uses the seed number in scientific notation, even as of the newest revision (v0.563b)

It might seem like a trivial issue, but scientific notation on the PC doesn't have enough significant digits to correctly store an 8 digit seed number. If another is selected with the same first 6 digits and the last two are different, the game won't be able to keep both maps distinct.

Keeping the seed either as a string or a two-byte unsigned int would prevent the number from being turned into scientific notation (or convert the 8 digit number to hex and use THAT for the file name)

e.g. my star map with seed # 31415926 is stored as 3.14159e+007.sts

If I save the game during a mission in a complex on a planet and start a new game with the seed 31415930 (which would ALSO be saved as 3.14159e+007.sts, overwriting the old map) and the planet I'm on in that older save doesn't exist in the new map, what will happen if I decide to load that old save? Will it crash immediately, or only when I solve the mission and launch back into a star system the game can't find, or will something else happen?

Storing it as 31415926.sts (or 1DF5E76.sts) would avoid the issue entirely.
And now for a (hopefully) relatively easy-to-implement QoL request:

Please consider allowing us the option to re-roll weapons during crafting. I realize that none of the attribute values are random, but the icon and mesh of the weapon being crafted IS random.

If I want an uzi style machine gun, I need to:

1) Select the quality of machine gun I want
2) Set the minimum level required to use the item
3) Begin the crafting process - and see which icon I got. If it's the right one, continue, otherwise
4) Select some OTHER weapon to craft to reset the crafting window without expending materials
5) Then go back to step 1 and start over again - sometimes a dozen times or more.

Instead, I'd rather get to step 4 and just hit "reroll" until the model I want is chosen and continue on. Really, since *I* am the one crafting it, why would the model be random? I'm not saying I want the option to specifically select it... but the option to easily re-roll that random selection until the one I want pops up would avoid a lot of unnecessary tedium.

A lot less important, but still falls into the category of "would be nice" is more models for the fabricants.
A couple more suggestions from a new(ish) player:

* It should be possible to partially unload mining drones - currently if they're full, you cannot unload them unless you have 1,000 cargo space.

* With the repair system making use of components, there needs to be more ways of obtaining them other than salvage. While the obvious option would be to add another merchant, an alternative could be to add dustbins/refuse collectors at trading stations which could be searched for junk - as a bonus, any nearby NPCs could make disparaging comments about the player's dumpster diving! (this harks back to Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura where technological characters had to raid dustbins to get the components they needed to make gadgets).

* Items equipped by characters that need repair should be highlighted (e.g. by shading them red or changing their border colour). This would avoid the need to mouse over every item periodically.

* Another vote for the option to auto-order items in inventory.

* A more flexible message screen with adjustable size (currently it offers two choices - too small and too big) and adjustable font. Having the loading screen hints added as messages there would help in cases where these pass by too quickly.

* In combat, it is possible to kneel to gain cover and improve accuracy. However there are cases where kneeling blocks the ability to shoot an enemy, and without actually doing it (and paying 1AP) there doesn't seem to be any way to find out (and a mistake means another AP lost by standing up). Having some indication (like showing the lines to each enemy with red highlighting on those that will be lost by kneeling) would be useful.
a QoL for me would be to have auto-hack be self repeating, since i have enough trouble doing time critical events as i am disabled and so have enough trouble playing action games to begin with