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I loved the no-pressure discover the world style Steamworld games, and I liked the tactical Heist one.

I really hate the grindy-card-captor-style JRPGs. I have participated in the development of one (Tyler Projects Mobile Weapon), no - two (Tyler Projects Battlestations - on Facebook) in my youth, and even with a team of storytellers there's only so far as it could go - and in the end it succumbed to the Excel-sheet-play (which is prevalent in most Facebook games and a well-known thing for EVE online veterans).

I have bought Sunless Sea, but I almost don't play it, because it's grindy and frustrating and the story isn't engaging enough to keep playing it.

I play Terraria (which is nice, but lonely without running a server) and played one season of Stardew Valley and couldn't take it anymore(because too frustrating, because of the grind again).

I saw the 2-star review, and even if it's discounted now, should I even buy this? The video and screenshots don't make a compelling argument at all - they kinda show a terrible 90-ies static image combination of pixelhunting point-and-click quest games (a terrible genre of itself) and a JRPG combat model (a terrible model of itself).
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My answer in short would be yes.
The combo system can be very rewarding, i like the characters and the card combos that keep coming make at least me want to continue playing.

What i would say is get on youtube and watch more gameplay. There is tons and it might help you more compared to me pretty much just saying yes.