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1) You should NOT switch party members, because only the active party gains exp, so the others will be left behind.

2) Glass-cannon builds do not work because the enemy is hugh, and constantly disables you. Instead you need at least 1 disable card on every member, and if possible 1 non-damaging, preferably self-buffing card too so you can heal back.
Don't even dream about those cards that deal damage to yourself for any effect.
I found the knithress, the wizardess and the samurai most effective. The mechanic is lame, and the twins are overcomplicated for my taste.

3) The "don't trust the druid" stage is annoying for the badly placed healing statue. It is on the far left, in the last room I found. Not that it'd be that much useful, but still.

4) I have no idea what the chest% means. Maybe it wants you to play over and over, who knows. I'm sure I always visited every room, opened every chest, bashed every containers, but my %s are low as heck.

5) the 1st arena challenge's 2nd wave contains 3 bomb-spider. That was fun.

6) the Necro-Tree takes forever as it can heal 2,000, poison and disable your whole party, summon 2 minion which all attack in that turn - and that was a good turn.
For this rush through your deck for healing and shielding, eventualy chipping away the monster. Never mind the minions. Strangely in this fight Sleep only came up once, never more despite the many rotation of the decks.

7) To get Magnum Opus (I was in Act 4 when I started to backtrack for chests) get to the location - easily found by guides everywhere -, whack THREE books behind a bookshelf, then MESS AROUND UNTIL you get teleported at the same place, on the left side of the screen!

8) The main problem I see with the game it is half-thought-through, like Pokemon B/W. Same design-flaws.
Here for example the ice-trolls (you'll know when you see) do a "reckless attack". That'd be a perfect marker to attack THAT unit for extra damage. But there's the problem they instantly regenerate their HP back. So why put there that ability?
Same with the Colosseum. The useful rewards demand such high lvl that you won't do the chellenge after the game. But then why you'd want the weapons? I could understand grinding for perfectly upped cards, but not for equipment which'll never come in handy.

9) on the ice-troll level the switch for the locked door is pixelhunting. We hate that here.

10) come to think of it, some encounters seem to not give exp. Not even for the first time. Even very hard boss encounters at times (the electric dragon is a perfect example).

11) oh, headspawn does exist. Most frequent if you arrive from the top.

12) Tried out Legend diff, and there's not much difference I noticed. Whatever. Probably the things have more resistances or something, so you better switch your cards regularly to have to best element.
Here I used the basic trio, and they look stronger- until you realise how much you depend on frog-guy to healyour party 24/7.
But all this doesn't matter because

13) starting with Act 4 episode 2 ever y enemyparty's each member can disable your WHOLE team every singleturn for 3 turns in 3 ways.
If you are luck, 1 of your member can deal 1 card per tun, which is a basic attack, at the cost of self-harm.
That's pretty much the end of the game, you can't do anything about it. Being disabled means you can't remove the hindering effects (and each such card is a special/magic card obviously, so even if you can move, you can't do anything about the conditions).
Items don't work either, as the disabling statuses disabling effects last until the end of the turn, meaning it doesn't matter if the condition is removed, the probram acts like it'd still be in effect (things only work correctly if you can play cards, then the bad effect is removed before the character plays the card). So the end of it that in the next turn the (a) hindering effect comes back, and you're where you started.
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I'm also finding myself somewhat critical of the game.

Enemy scaling is absolutely unnecessary, especially since they give negligible EXP after you hit a given level.

The enemies that can heal themselves are a huge pain if you're unlucky on card draws (which is likely to be the case on more than one occasion). I remember in Chapter 2 how irritating it was to do *almost* enough damage to a Mage only for them to completely heal up afterwards, making it feel like I just wasted a turn and am now worse off for it.

Chapter 4 introduced the bomb spiders, who can be a matter of sheer luck. I ran into several groups that NEVER exploded, and then one group that exploded all at once giving me a lovely Game Over that I could never have defended again.

I like that there's a lot of different cards, but since you're limited to only 8 it feels like there's little point in experimenting or reworking your deck if what you've got already does the job.

As an aside, however, your comment about the Chest% is that there's hidden rooms. You might have to go behind a tree, or break a box and move past it. Or, as was the case with Chapter 1, I somehow missed the chest behind the Ogre and had to replay the whole level to discover this.