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I have some problems reading text. Is this game mostly text with just a little audio, or is it mostly audio?

Thanks for the help.
I've seen a bit of a playthrough and it was mostly audio. Appartently "who" you interact with speaks, and after that you can read the text on the bottom of the screen if you prefer so. But mostly I think it's audio; I even read somewhere that they registered 16 hours of possible conversations, so... yup.
Maybe someone who has actually played it all the way through can second me on this, though.
Thanks for that, appreciate it.

Is it a good game?
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DonkeyKongJr: Thanks for that, appreciate it.

Is it a good game?
Depends. How are you for Douglas Adams?
Big FAN!
Playing the game - yup, it's basically all dialogue! :3 And rather superb dialogue too!

If you're a big fan of Adams I'd say it's a must. It gets quite a bit frustrating, some puzzles are very difficult but frankly it all adds to the experience, in a way. Plus nowdays we have online guides, hehe.

The story is a bit too slow maybe but the dialogues and overall feel are worth it, I think! If you're into his kind of humour then you'll probably like it :3