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What it says in the subject. I said a bit more in my original post in the changelog thread in early Jan with no reply :(
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There's a clear gap in the patches for SiS - there are patches to get from 37980 smoothly to 38568, but then none to reach from 38568 to 38646 or later. Could this please be added, for those of us using standalone installers?
I logged a request for a refund because there was no path, but I got this reply.

We just need to redownload the entire thing to have the latest patch:

The reason why there is no patch for that is because most of the game files in latest version of the game were changed from master files and patch would be the same size as the base installer. In this case please download the latest version of base installer.

I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience.

Dr Cat
Oh, nice way to get their attention! That worked, even if the solution is a let-down. And the answer seems... peculiar. No way a proper patcher should need to be over 2 GB, unless the file comparison between old & new is completely borked.

Thanks for updating.