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i just bought the game from the sales, and having some performance issues i went to see if there was a newer patch.
And there is one, 1.4.
Any idea about why the game hasn't been updated on gog? Or about when the patch will kick in into gog?
Bought the game today and love it sofar. I hope the patch coming soon for Gog. I dont have performance issues but i have to restart the game very 2-3h, because everything start to slowdown and texture dont load...
Hey captains and thanks for your support.

We will soon release v1.5000 which is basically a free SPG2: Origins DLC (complete original SPG port to SPG2) so we will send that update to GoG. Last patch was not content patch, mostly some smaller updates and fixes.

As for performance problems, please take a few minutes when that happens (both of you) and send us your log.txt and save games from your game folder so we can try to determine what's happening.

Just send e-mail with short description of the problem and those files at

Thank you.

Just to mention, Starpoint Gemini 2: Origins DLC will probably be one of the biggest free DLCs ever released since it will be twice as big as whole SPG2 in terms of storyline. That port is something we promised players some time ago and we also decided it will be free because it would be unfair to double charge the original game this way. Of course, original SPG had voiceovers done by devs themselves in true indie spirit and due to lack of budget, but it has some B-movie charm. ;)