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Has anyone tried the "Mute when Paused" button in the Audio menu? For some reason, the button doesn't work at all and it's unclickable. I think this is a bug. Is there any other way to mute the music when the game is paused?

I've attached a screenshot. Also, I'm using Starpoint Gemini 2 - GOG version v2.4.0.10, and I'm running Windows 7.
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We will check it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If it happens again, can you please, exit the game, go to your game folder and send log.txt and this short description to so we can try to fix this. You can also send us your save game.

Thank you.
Thank you for looking into this! I've checked online and it looks like it's the SPG2 build itself that has the sound issue. Here is a link to the Starpoint forum about another person having the exact "Mute when Paused" issue.
I have this problem aswell.
+1 for this issue!
We will check it out, I was sure we fixed this. :-/
zzokalj: We will check it out, I was sure we fixed this. :-/
Still not fixed. Mute while paused can't be clicked.