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I like this game enough that I took the time to compile a list of things that I think would make it even better. Will the devs read this here?

1) Unskippable dialogue
This is something people have been complaining about for as long as cutscenes in games have existed. It shouldn't still be a problem today.

2) Suicidal AI
I can be flying around in my dreadn ought, and a tiny little pirate gunship will demand my cargo, and then immediately die. They make it worse for themselves by using PTE disruptors when all I want to do is pass through, so I instead have to stop, which of course results in them dying.

3) Stupid autopilot
It will often fly straight into objects (which is thankfully not immediately fatal), and struggles to navigate around stations. It also gives an annoying warning about being too close to the planet if you leave a planet by autopilot.

4) Stealth doesn't work on side/main mission enemies
It works fine during freelance missions and on non-mission ships.

5) Misleading mission levels
The suggested level for missions is not much help because the actual difficulty depends more on your ship class. This means some "hard" missions are trivial because the enemies have small ships despite being high level, and "easy" missions will be hard if you haven't obtained a large enough ship for your level (I made this worse for myself by choosing the "student" perks early).

6) Heavy weapons don't scale
Light weapons on large ships are more powerful because they have more turrets. Heavy weapons only get more ammo, which doesn't help because they are still limited by fire rate, especially the more powerful ones.

7) Lack of "flavour text" for stations etc.

8) English translation
Although it's not terrible, there are noticable peculiarities, such as the lack of use of the definite article ("the"), which makes the voice-acting sound strange in places.

9) Waypoints set on objects should show that object's context menu
Because it's annoying to set a waypoint on a station, "go to", then not be able to dock until you get close enough to click on part of the station not covered by the waypoint.

10) No indication on the HUD of what the autopilot is doing
When I click on a passing ship to see what class it is, sometimes it results in a slight manual change of direction, cancelling the autopilot, but there's no way of telling.

11) Riftways
Having to do anything anywhere near a riftway is very frustrating.

12) Number format
Large numbers e.g. in bounty awards are hard to read. Digits should be separated with spaces, e.g. 2 700 000 instead of 2700000.

13) Ship colour not remembered when changing ships
In the "customize" tab, the previously chosen colour usually shows up, but is not applied. Clicking to change it may then allow it to be applied, but often it just defaults to white instead of the custom colour.

14) Unrealistic traffic distribution
It's too evenly spread out; even the deadly nebulae are full of ships.
About no. 2
Sometimes I got shot out of PTE by a single Gunship with my big ship and killed it, then there were more coming and I felt powerful killing them all off. By the time 4-5 ships my size arrived I couldn't escape any more and got shot dead.
There is no way to stay in a spot with enemies and fend off endlessly, you need to know when to back off.
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We are not your average devs. We read! :D
And even reply. Now love us!!! :D

1. Yes we are aware of that and we have some issues with scripts going in loop if we enable skipping dialogue. Honestly, we still haven't been able to find a workaround cause we were more focused on new content. But I agree that it should be skippable.

2. Yes, they are crazy maniacs who are ready to die for a bottle of Hogwash. We did enhance their AI, but it still needs more work. there are 9 of us inthe company all together so things take time unfortunately.

3. Around every station there are invisible bubbles, autopilot sometimes gets confues navigating around them. Still it's better than Elite: Dangerous autopilot (Standard Docking Computer) which crashes me into station head on and I lose everything. Ship, money, cargo... As you said, this is annoying, but at least it's not fatal. It seems autopilot is running on Wondows. :D

4. Hmm, cloaking should work. There are missions where you are required to engage there so that's the reason, but on side missions and freelance it should always work.

5. Mission levels are more of a guideline then a prerequisite set in stone. SOmetimes repair missions high level will be easy to do if there are no enemies around but assassination mission of your level will be challenging because your ship is not good enough.

6. Heavy weapons are moddable with enchantments so you can shorten reload time and increase fire rate and having more ammo means dealing more damage in combat over a period of time. Basically last longer. Also bigger shipshave more Heavy Weapon slots. That's how we looked at it.

7. Cosmetic changes that would be welcomed, I know, but they are just that - cosmetic changes whch would be time consuming to implement and would add just flavour to the game. I agree it would add to immersion but we cannot promise we will be able to implement those any time soon. Same goes for requests for planet docking animations and boarding comm chatter... Good news is that we're not doing that because we're developing new content. :)

8. Agreed. We are not native english, we're from Croatia, so yes, it can be confusing sometimes. People from Russia and Germany say that their voice overs are even worse, and it was out of our hands, made by a professional company. Some people actually said that they would like croatian audio, original and authentic (someone would say alien), with high quality english subtitles. That would probably be a much cheaper option for us, but we wanted to give as many localization options as possible.

9. If I click on station I usually can select Anchor, no need for waypoint if you're heding to the station.

10. I understand, noted. DIdn't think about it since I don't usually use autopilot, except when I go to get a cup of coffee.

11. This is debatable, lol. There are no people that are indifferent to riftways. Half of them love them, other half hates them. I love them because I learned how to use them to my advantage, and I can lure several ships and send them away before they can even attack me properly. There is a Riftways removed mod on Steam cause some people requested it. :D But based on feedback it's really individual thing. Either yuo'll love them or you'll hate them. I actually like that.

12. Noted.

13. Didn't notice that, we'll check it out. Thanks for pointing it out.

14. Noted. I'll forward this whole thread to our scripters so they can think aobut it. :)

Anyway, thank you for taking time to tell us all of this. I hope that these annoyances does not ruin the game for you and that you're still enjoying it. :)
Re: #6 - maybe larger ships could be given multiple barrels for the heavy weapons, so when firing a torpedo with a frigate/destroyer/cruiser, it actually fires two simultaneously, and three at once with a battleship/dreadnaught/carrier?

The trouble with simply having additional mount points is that, especially with the need for manual targeting and firing, you have to spin the ship around and around to cycle through firing them all at a given target, which is clumsy and often makes a mess with your light weapon banks (especially the rear-facing one since the rear light weapon bank is usually feeble compared to the rest).

Alternately, just get rid of the direction-facing requirement. Shots fired from the opposite face may take a little longer to get to the target since they have to come about, but it would make the multiple heavy turrets more usable.

A third possibility would be to add a "fire at will" for the heavy turrets. This wouldn't help much against single enemies but it would make firing at multiple targets in larger battles more practical, and it would also eliminate the off-camera targeting hassle.
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disi: About no. 2
Sometimes I got shot out of PTE by a single Gunship with my big ship and killed it, then there were more coming and I felt powerful killing them all off. By the time 4-5 ships my size arrived I couldn't escape any more and got shot dead.
There is no way to stay in a spot with enemies and fend off endlessly, you need to know when to back off.
Indeed, I've been swarmed when travelling through hostile sectors, but that's understandable. Where it doesn't make sense is when a single pirate in friendly space tries it on, where there are no reinforcements and no way he can last more than a second.
zzokalj: We are not your average devs. We read! :D
And even reply. Now love us!!! :D
I love you!
zzokalj: I hope that these annoyances does not ruin the game for you and that you're still enjoying it. :)
These are all relatively small things, and I have still greatly enjoyed the game (I just finished the main campaign, and started "Secrets of Aethera").

A couple of comments:

4) If I go on a freelance assassination mission, I will typically fly past the enemy ships at a distance of 400 to position myself behind them, and they won't react until I open fire. On all the main/side missions that I tried with a cloaked ship, enemy ships always opened fire as soon as I was in range (about 700-800 or so).

8) Personally I would prefer the Croatian audio + subtitles, but I don't know if that's a common opinion.

9) I find this to be a problem when I have set a waypoint on a station for the autopilot (which I use a quite a lot for travelling between stations), but then have to stop on the way to fight. When I start travelling again I use the context menu to turn the autopilot on again, but that will only let me "go to". I have to wait until I reach the station to click again to dock.
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Ah, I didn't understand this last part about waypoint, I get it now. We'll check it out.

As for croatian audio, I asked people on Steam what do they think and opinions were mixed. Some said that thay wouldn't mind Croatian voice over if subtitles are good, some says that they don't mind not having voice over at all, just text and some wanted perfect american accent. We will consider those options when we go to our next project but we still have plans with SPG2 cause I think its potential has not yet been used to its maximum... :)

Not sure about positioning and enemy fire in side missions, I will ask our scripter guy to check it out.
I checked out. That part about enemy ship firing in main missions were intentionally made that way so the player can't cheat the "missions".