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We will be on live ReverbGames Twitch stream tonight (5:00PM PDT - 2:00AM CET) with King Foom. We will talk about new update and answer your questions so join us! :)
Did it get recorded somewhere?
I live in the 2am time zone, since it is summertime :(
No, unfortunately. And it was 2AM in Croatia too. I was on Twitch chat till 5AM. :)
It was mostly about Iceberg Interactive Publisher Weekend Bundle on Steam. About games in the bundle - Gas Guzzlers Extreme, Starpoint Gemini 2 and Stardrive.
My bad, disi, I found it. :)
Thanks zzokalj!

50h in a gunship and only level 4 0.o

He had a lot of different saved games, probably a shared installation. But yeah you can spend easily 50h in the game :)
I am Looking forward for the new DLC!
King Foom has played on a few occasions with us. We named him Foom the Invincible cause he survived impossible situations in that gunship. :D

We will join him again, after DLC release. :)
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Another Twitch streamer covered SPG2 today.