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Just to pop in: the two previous patches this thread's referred to have already been posted a while back, as you've noticed for sure.

The newest patch you're wondering about? We're waiting on that one still, and once we do get it we'll just check if all works fine and then upload it. :)
zzokalj: Hey guys,

we are a bit late on last patch cause of Christmas holidays, it's not GoG's fault. :)

But, the good news is that you won't get last Steam patch, but the new one that has not yet been published on Steam. There are some new stuff in there and we hope you'll like it.

And giving you this patch before Steam was the least we could do.
Sorry for the delay.
No worries, guys, we just got back from Christmas holidays on Wednesday - we know how it is :) And thanks for that, I'm sure our guys will do their best to get the patch up as soon as it's possible to do so!