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Okay, after about an hour, I find a CHALLENGE PORTAL ! ! ! !

I enter the portal, it does the teleport and instead of the ancient maze, I am frozen in place in space ( Empty space of stars )

Starbound has been lagging and framerating quite a bit.

So I wait, and wait, for about a minute or so. incase its another one of these long lagg spikes

then Its back to menu all of a sudden, with a message saying Server Interruption, could not load something or something.

I have seen this 3 times so far.

You guys owe me a challenge portal darn it.
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Lost a second Challenge Portal now. but I did record the error this time

"You were disconnected from the server for the following reason: Incoming client packet has caused exception"

What does this mean, and how do I fix it?

No mods.