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Shame they didn't finish the game with server side characters, and all the other stuff. Would of rivaled Minecraft if they didn't abandon it for that witch game no one's gonna play. Even as it is though, with frackin universe, and rpg it is still the best. No man sky is close but it doesn't have good character creation, levels ,classes where you can be a necromancer or a soldier or ninja and everything in-between. Then the ship customization is second to none, bases, colony, farming, the crafting is second to none with the research.

Empyrion is worse than no man sky by alot so that is no good. Mine craft is no where near it, and either is terraria.

O well atleast it is easy to change all the files and frackin keeps it updated.

Maybe a missed a game? But none of the survival games come close, ark,days ect.