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As the title states, I am wondering if the GOG version of starbound has any issues with lag or desync in the multiplayer portion. My husband and I have is on steam and the lag makes the game unplayable. I just want to know if it's just the steam version or if the GOG version has it too before I go and buy the game again. (it's in cases like this I wish GOG did a trade in from steam to a GOG version of a game lol) If the game doesn't, I would like to know if the multiplayer works the same way as steam or if I have to do this port forwarding thing that everyone keeps talking about (which I have looked into and seems too complicated for myself). Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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I do know you can get that from playing over the internet. I play this with my brother using offline lan networks, Where we use a third pc, or a wireless network that isn't connected just so we can connect to it to play multiplayer. Only had a few games that do that, because one computer is more powerful than the other, but it hasn't happened on the gog version of starbound yet.

I learned that lesson already when I bought duke nukem forever on steam. Quite a disappointment online play, first few hours was absolute perfect, no lagg, but after that its been a permanet lagg fest since.

My brother makes the game since his computer is the strongest, but it takes about 3-4 minutes to figure out how to logg into someone else game, gotta get the ip and etc.
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As said Whereaminow25 you can play LAN by conncting PCs to each other with an ethernet cable if you whant. You can also try dedicated servers, you can play togther with or without other people.
Forwardings ports is not so difficult, the hard thing is to know which ports are concerned (I searched for Dying Light and didn't find anything), but I don't know if it really help.