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I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue to mine or if anyone has any idea how I could fix this. Last month, when I updated my version to 1.3, I could no longer run the game at all. I looked around the forums and tried backing up my game and saving the "storage" folder in a safe location, and when I started the game without my old storage folder in there, it seemed to open for a few seconds (before, it didn't at all) and then crash, so I was thinking something in my old storage folder might be broken. I gave up after a while and reinstalled the game, and after thinking for a long time about if it would be cheating to spawn in my favourite rare costumes that I already had before my game broke, I decided it wouldn't be and did so, and started playing a new character. Then, yesterday, my game updated again; now that file is broken, too. The exact same thing is happening as before. I'm really reluctant to start yet another new character when it looks as if it'll just end up gone again when the game updates, but Starbound is one of my favourite games of all time, so I'd really hate to not be able to play it, or have to buy it again through Steam.
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