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Changelog for Patch 1.0.1 (added 27 July 2016):

- Devalue material items to fix exploits crafting materials from other materials
- Fix a couple of mislabeled key bindings
- Make Erchius Ghosts immune to lava
- Replace ropes in intro mission with healing items
- Fix a bug which caused certain parts of the Glitch mission to reset in multiplayer
- Fix a bug in server /ban command
- Fix a case of undefined server behavior in transferring players between worlds
- Fix several bugs with quest manager stagehands
- Fix mossy packed dirt block recipe unlock
- Fix a couple of item categories and descriptions
- Fix physics effect abilities being able to move story NPCs, Erchius Ghosts, and certain bosses
- Update window title
- Add more Lua API documentation

Changelog for Patch 1.0.2 / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Mac) / GOG-3 (Linux) (added 27 July 2016):

- fixed a memory leak issue
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Starbound v1.0.3 changelog (29th July 2016):

*Bug Fixes

-Remove unbalanced wormerang listing from penguin weapon shop
-Resolve issue of banner rendering in front of a bookcase
-Resolve issue where the Grand Pagoda Library boss would sometimes reset
-Resolve issue where some weapons would let you wall jump in distortion sphere
-Make ore nibbler critter capturable without exploding
-Remove inappropriate tag from farm animal eggs
-No longer open multiples of the same scripted interfaces (Rob Repairo, Tech Console)
-Resolve issue where cultists would die on destroying a ballista in the Baron’s Keep
-Remove elemental aura visual effect when changing weapons
-Resolve issue where techs would interfere with each others tool suppression
-Improve performance when player has a lot of quests
-Resolve some issues with grappling hook
-Bosses are now immune to healing from staff secondary abilities
-Some pixels in armors were bad and are now not bad
-Fix issue where crew ship benefits would reset on ship upgrade
-This unfortunately resets your current fuel capacity and fuel efficiency benefits as they have been moved to a more reliable storage format
-Teach NPCs how to use some trickier doors like wooden gates
-Npcs may now get stuck in the ground less often
-Make tech gui not crash when encountering unknown tech
-Fix 3d printer issue when removing objects
-Change power scaling of crew members to more closely match the power scaling of the player
-Make it so saplings don’t break when they are unable to grow into a tree
-Players should no longer get stuck in the ground if they beam to a friend in distortion sphere
-Remove deprecated keybindings
-Remove reference to a missing asset for the Avian temple boss
-Gui adjustment to allow bigger numbers in the Terrramart shipment box
-Remove deprecated elevator recipes
-Fix tabbing issues in the codex window


-Statically link Visual C++ 2015 for the win32 version of starbound
-Keep rotten food in the food tab
-UI usability improvements to server connect screen
-Dismiss confirmation windows when the source of them is not in reach
-Adjustments to ore samples
-Make it impossible to starve to death during cinematics
-Pressing the key for a selected action bar slot now deselects the slot
-Non-elemental Fluffalo drop more plant fibre
-Adjust npc and monster placement for generated quests
-Grappling hook adjustments; increased range, functional dual wielding
-NPCs will now beam away to join your ship crew as soon as you recruit them
-Natural materials will now magically match the hue shift of the biome when placed
-Using the paint tool with the default color setting will clear any hue shift on unpainted blocks
-Make vertical scroll bars start at the top by default
-Improve one-handed damage of NPCs
-Add some clothes and dialog for novakids in generated quests
-Change some confusingly inaccurate labels for paintings in the grand pagoda library
-Tweak Shockhopper projectile lifetime and damage polys

*Visual C++ 2015 Launch Errors

Since release, some people have been unable to play Starbound due to Visual C++ 2015 runtime failing to install on their PCs. This tends to be an issue with PCs on out-of-date versions of Windows, and tends to be solved by updating your Windows service packs and manually installing the Visual C++ 2015 runtime, but some people have been unable to do this or have found that it hasn’t worked for them.

We’ve statically linked Visual C++ 2015 for the win32 version of Starbound, which should hopefully clear up this issue for a lot of people. You’ll need to select ‘Launch Starbound – win32’ when you launch Starbound on Steam. :)

*OpenGL 2.0 Launch Errors

If you’re getting an error on launch that says ‘OpenGL 2.0 not available’, please ensure you’ve updated your graphics drivers!

*OS X 10.8 Launch Errors

If you’re unable to launch Starbound on a version of OS X lower than 10.9, please try updating to a more recent version of OS X!
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Starbound v1.0.4 Changelog
- fix OSX crash when performing certain GUI actions
- fix a graphical bug when fuel tank contains more than its maximum fuel capacity
- fix bug preventing Dreadwing's visible damage state from changing
- fix arm images in Nuru's portrait in teleport confirmation dialog
- fix Blink Dash dropping through platforms
- fix booster flame positions on T7 floran ship
- fix some problems resolving facing direction while dual wielding e.g. fist weapons
- fix some typographical errors
- fix hover state in MM upgrade interface while an upgrade is selected
- fix bug causing wand/staff projectiles to not track properly on win32
- adjust a few item prices
- adjust nutrition value of Toast and Potato Grids
- better sound effect for Violium Broadsword special ability
- better sound effect for Wooden Hatch
- disable monster touch damage when they are in special invulnerable states (Spookit, Orbide, Peblit and Trictus)
- increase chat bubble duration
- revert a previous fix for players beaming into terrain; needs a more complex solution

Not out on GOG yet..
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And it's out now: Patch 1.0.4 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-5 (Linux) / GOG-p (Mac) (added 03 August 2016).
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1.0.5 – Changelog
mollygos posted on August 4th, 2016 in News, Patch Notes

Hey everyone!

We hadn’t intended to put out another patch so soon, but an odd bug was reported on the forums – putting an item in the hotbar, then placing it in the trash slot in your inventory, and then exiting the inventory window before the item was finished being removed was causing player files to become corrupted.

That’s fixed now! Any character that was broken by this specific bug should also be fixed, and should reappear in your character select screen.

We are still working on some bigger bug fixes and our first post-1.0 content update, but this was a big/critical enough bug that it warranted a quick fix of its own. :)

(From Starbound blog patchnotes)

It has yet to be released on GOG :/

EDIT: It arrived on GOG aswell :)
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Patch 1.1.0 (08 September 2016)

Major Changes


- New Collections interface tracks various kinds of collectables including captured pets, figurines, fish, cooking recipes, fossils, and bugs


- Two tiers of fishing rods are now craftable from the Foraging Table and can be used to fish on ocean planets (including arctic, toxic and magma oceans)
- Added 48 unique fish types to catch
- Rare fish can give valuable rewards, including reel and lure upgrades to enhance your fishing rod
- Added the Relocator tool, which allows non-hostile creatures such as critters, fish, bugs, and farm animals to be moved
- Added friendly Novakid villages including a variety of new Novakid-themed furniture and objects

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes

- Saloon furniture previously sold at Frogg Furnishings is now available in Novakid villages, and has been replaced with the Pastel set (which has its own unique tenant)
- Novakids can now be generic tenants or guards
- Added Novakid NPC dialogue
- Implemented party chat and local (planet) chat
- Acid rain now applies poison instead of direct damage
- Console objects are now available as themed tenant rewards
- Added option for “borderless window” style fullscreen mode
- Improved sound effects for Staff abilities
- Improved sound effects for several unique boss weapons
- Adjusted which bugs appear in Midnight, Mutated and Giant Flower biomes
- Shockhopper Mk I and Dreadwing now have a chance to drop their respective action figures
- Mother Poptops on starter worlds now drop enough Core Fragments to complete the initial gate quest
- Added chance for Snuffish to appear in ocean biomes
- Kelp now unlocks the Rice Cake cooking recipe when picked up
- Reduced moon threat level from 10 to 1
- Fixed a bug causing merchants to offer material items for free (which made them impossible to purchase)
- Fixed several armor descriptions that didn’t fit within their tooltips
- Fixed a bug causing fireworks to deal large amounts of damage
- Fixed birds and other monsters spawning in the atmosphere and asteroid layers of moons
- Made several NPC-like monsters uncapturable
- Fixed monsters getting stuck outside arena in final arena side quest
- Fixed friendly NPCs and monsters being damaged by environmental effects such as traps
- Fixed a few edge cases in pathfinding
- Fixed several items displaying erroneous recipe unlocks when obtained
- Fixed a bug causing underwater audio filters to continue after quitting to title
- Fixed several cases of incorrect cursors displaying over GUI elements
- Fixed a bug in LoS calculation determining whether the player can reach objects
- Fixed a bug causing Dreadwing’s UFO to visually flip
- Fixed a bug causing boats to oscillate at the surface of water
- Fixed a bug causing physics AoE effects to move projectiles
- Wire Mode overlay is now hidden on protected tiles
- Lots of typographical/grammatical text fixes

Seems like getting T10 Weapons will be impossible from now on (without console commands).
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Changelog for Patch 1.1.1 / GOG-9 (Windows) / GOG-12 (Mac) / GOG-8 (Linux) (added 20 September 2016):

- Make previously captured monsters and previously completed fossils unlock their relevant collectible entries
- Pets and fossils will need to be dropped and picked back up as item drops in order to register as collectables
- Better handling of status effects applied by weather, e.g. acid rain
- Fix bug with Snuffish and Gosmet not being properly added to monster collection
- Fix swapped collection entries for Avian and Apex skeleton fossils
- Prevent critters captured in previous versions from also being relocatable
- Add a few missing recipe unlocks for cooking recipes to relevant items
- Add missing documentation for a few new Lua functions
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Changelog for patch 1.2 / GOG-11 (Windows) / GOG-15 (Mac) / GOG-10 (Linux) (added 19 December 2016):

Major Changes

Ancient Vaults:
- Players who have completed the main storyline can visit a mysterious trader on the Outpost who will send them on a quest to activate and enter the Ancient Gateways found floating in some systems
- These gateways provide access to Ancient Vaults: challenging procedural dungeons left by the ancients, filled with dangerous guardians (including procedural bosses!) and fantastic lost technologies

- Using powerful devices acquired from the Ancient Vaults along with a new Essence currency, you can now transform regions or whole planets into entirely different biomes
- Terraformers can be used to expand a region across a planet’s surface, replacing natural blocks, objects and plant life, and eventually changing the type of the planet itself
- Microformers are consumable single-use terraformers which provide even more region types to add to your worlds

Weapon Upgrades:
- Use the ancient anvil available at the end of Ancient Vaults and spend Essence to upgrade your outdated legendary weapons, opening up many new options for endgame combat styles

Elemental Damage
- Monsters now have resistance and weakness to elemental damage types, making your choice of weapons more important than ever

Holiday Spirit!
- Celebrate the holidays with the variety of festive items bought from Space Santa at the Outpost!

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes

- Holding the activation key while in a distortion sphere tech will force deactivation, to avoid being permanently stuck in small spaces
- Contain tooltips within the game window when they’re near the edge
- Fix a bug with monster kill sounds not playing correctly
- Several bug fixes to monster/NPC behaviors and pathfinding
- Various typo and asset fixes
- Add appropriate “bushes” to the Rust biome
- Update SDL2 to 2.0.5, should fix some fullscreen issues
- Fix some security vulnerabilities in server packet handling
- Fixed an issue where crew would duplicate
- Fix a player inventory networking issue

Performance Improvements

- Improve generation time of older, image-based dungeons
- Other minor improvements to dungeon and world generation
- Use larger texture atlases on graphics cards that support them
- Various optimizations to monster/NPC scripts
- Improve loading speed for dungeon worlds

Modding API Changes

- Behavior Tree system moved to engine for performance reasons, now accessible with the root.behavior lua binding. (Check lua documentation)
- Cleanup node removed
- Decorator node lua implementation changed
- Action node arguments moved around, now (args, output, nodeId, dt).
- Generic currency support.
- Additional currencies can be added and consumed without requiring configuration
- To associate a currency with a currency item, to be used in crafting, it needs to be configured in /currencies.config
- .coinitem files changed to .currency
- Object changes for terraforming support
- Objects can have a new boolean key, “biomePlaced” which if true will cause them to be placed and removed by terraforming.
- Objects can have a new boolean key, “rooting” which if true will mark all of their anchor spaces as roots and prevent those tiles from being broken until the object is broken (identical to how trees and vines work).
- Player inventory can now be configured in player.config, allowing changes to:
- Number of bags
- Inventory size of each bag
- Number of action bars
- Action bar size
- NOTE: modifications to player inventory size need to be applied both server side and client side, and will invalidate existing characters
- Damage sources, requests, and notifications
- Introduced new hit types; WeakHit, StrongHit and Killed.
- Removed killed boolean from damage notifications, replaced with Killed hit type.
- Damage effects (sounds, particles) can be configured for each hit type (Hit, WeakHit, StrongHit, ShieldHit, Killed) in damage type configurations (.damage files).
- Added support for elemental types to damage types. Elemental types can be configured in /damage/elementaltypes.config and can be set for each damage type using the “elementalType” key, which defaults to the “default” elemental type. Each elemental type has a unique set of damage number particles for each hit type.
- Monsters
- Added support for client side rendering scripts
- Allow overriding randomly selected monster parts by setting “selectedParts” in parameters
- Add support for direct palette swaps with the “colorSwap” parameter
- Allow overriding “shortdescription“ in parameters
- Allow overriding “dropPools” in parameters
- Allow setting animation parameters directly in monster parameters with the “animationCustom” parameter. This is merged into the animator configuration.

Lua API changes:
- ActiveItemAnimation
- Removed activeItemAnimation.animationParameter (replaced with animationConfig.animationParameter)
- Animator
- Added animator.partProperty
- Item
- Replaced with item.matches
- Monster
- Added monster.setDamageParts
- Added monster.setAnimationParameter
- Npc
- Added npc.loungingIn
- ObjectAnimator
- Removed objectAnimator.animationParameter (replaced with animationConfig.animationParameter)
- Player
- Added player.currency
- Added player.addCurrency
- Added player.consumeCurrency
- Modified player.hasItem to allow exact parameter matching
- Modified player.hasCountOfItem to allow exact parameter matching
- Modified player.consumeItem to allow exact parameter matching
- Added
- Added player.uniqueId
- Root
- Added root.behavior
- Added animationConfig table for use in client side rendering scripts
- ScriptPane
- Added pane.playSound
- Widget
- Added widget.setSliderValue
- Added widget.getSliderRange
- Added widget.setSliderEnabled
- Added widget.setItemSlotItem
- World
- Modify world.spawnItem to allow optionally setting a velocity and an intangibleTime
- Added world.size
- Added world.inSurfaceLayer
- Added world.terrestrial
- Changed world.entityMoney to world.entityCurrency
- Added world.universeFlagSet
- Modified world.entityHasCountOfItem to allow exact parameter matching
- Added world.lineTileCollisionPoint
- Added world.addBiomeRegion
- Added world.expandBiomeRegion
- Added world.pregenerateAddBiome
- Added world.pregenerateExpandBiome
- Added world.setLayerEnvironmentBiome
- Added world.setPlanetType
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Changelog for patch 1.2.1 / GOG-12 (Windows) / GOG-17 (Mac) / GOG-11 (Linux) (added 22 December 2016):

- Various fixes to the ancient vault dungeon
- Fix chat tabs not being clickable
- Allow players to repeat the quest to unlock the vaults in multiple universes. Fixes an edge case where doing the quest on a server would make you unable to unlock the key trader in single player, and vice versa.
- Fix issue where non-vault mission worlds would not reset after leaving
- Make adjustments to texture atlasing to resolve certain framerate issues related to using larger texture sizes
- Add “limitTextureAtlasSize” option in starbound.config to manually limit texture atlas sizes. Should only necessary for - video cards significantly below the minimum requirements.
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Changelog for patch 1.2.2 / GOG-13 (Windows) / GOG-18 (Mac) / GOG-12 (Linux) (added 18 January 2017):

- Fix a bug causing frequent save file corruption on Windows after power loss
- Fix generated monsters not using their special attacks
- Fix kill achievements not unlocking properly
- Fix several materials being erroneously tillable or tilling with the wrong tile mod
- Fix a dungeon piece in underwater Hylotl cities occasionally failing to place
- Fix a dungeon piece in ice vaults occasionally failing to place
- Fix airship dungeon sometimes spawning without a clue object
- Fix Dreadwing not properly dying when killed with Doomcannon
- Fix Mazebound64 game
- Disable Outpost return gate to prevent several potential exploits
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Santa has gone ho ho home, to return another Christmas!
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Hello! Starbound 1.3 - Spacefarer Update is here!

With the Spacefarer Update, our goal was to give players more things to do in space! Starbound has always focused heavily on traveling from planet to planet, but objectively space is just much cooler than any planet.

Check out the trailer for an overview of what we've added this patch, or check the patch notes below for a more comprehensive list of changes/additions. This is one of the biggest Starbound updates to date and has been really exciting for us to work on. We hope you enjoy it!

Major Changes

Navigation Overhaul
The cockpit navigation interface has been completely overhauled. Planets, moons and ships are all visible and orbit each other in real time. Systems will now contain NPC stations, friendly and hostile NPC ships, and strange space anomalies to visit!

Customizable Mechs
Explore these new space locations in customizable spacefaring mechs! Traverse hostile space in zero gravity, fight powerful new space monsters, and collect unique rewards as you upgrade your mech to progress through more difficult hazards. Mechs can also be deployed to planets, to crush your enemies with overwhelming firepower!

Modular Space Stations
Make a permanent home among the stars with player-owned stations! Use a station transponder to place your station into orbit, then expand it with modular rooms to suit your needs.

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes

- Gameplay now pauses while menu is open (single player only)
- Non-piercing projectiles (e.g.) rockets now stop at the edge of the entity they hit, correcting knockback direction from explosions
- Adjusted player and other physics to behave better in zero gravity
- Remove gravity from asteroid fields
- Asteroid fields now ring their stars and can be entered at any position
- Add rail tram vehicles and tram stop objects
- When opening inventory, first tab will be selected by default
- Auto-sorting inventory will also stack items
- Add visual novel engine
- Fix threat level of player ships to always be 1 for colonist purposes
- Cheese is now considered produce and players will be paid to launch it into space
- Made several block types permeable to liquids
- Perfect armor set now slightly weaker than tier 6 crafted armors
- Fix several issues with NPC pathfinding
- Various performance improvements
- Engineer and Mechanic crew members now give flat bonuses to ship speed and fuel efficiency
- Ancient Vaults will no longer regenerate if the game is restarted while the vault is open
- Added unbanip and unbanuuid commands for servers
- Rail platforms and trams can now be broken using the matter manipulator

Modding API Changes

- Support script panes opening and closing with inventory (like containers)
- Item slots / grids in script panes now display tooltips for contained items
- Special keys are now passed separately to techs as special1, special2, and special3. If a player is lounging, they will be suppressed and instead passed to the active vehicle (if applicable)
- Support rectangular force regions with a linear force gradient
- Support setting gravity for specific dungeon IDs in dungeon files
- Rework canvas widget bindings. Canvas widgets can now be bound to a Lua object and controlled directly
- Support damage sources for vehicles
- ActiveItems will now include the player lua bindings when held by a player
- Techs now have access to the message table for entity message handling
- Add celestial lua bindings for script panes
- Behavior nodes must now be explicitly defined in .nodes files. This includes specifying node parameters and outputs, with associated types. (Supported types: json, entity, position, vec2, number, bool, list, table, string)
- Behavior trees (.behavior) now explicitly specify whether a parameter is a blackboard key or a raw value. This includes parameters passed into module (sub-tree) nodes.
- Behavior node Lua implementations no longer directly perform blackboard lookups (BData methods). Lookups are performed before running the function, and the raw values are directly available in the “args” argument.
- Behavior node Lua implementations no longer directly set blackboard values. Node output is set by returning or yielding a second value. This second value is a table of output key to output values.

Added Lua bindings:

- world.environmentStatusEffects
- world.materialHueShift
- world.modHueShift
- world.materialColor
- world.setMaterialColor
- world.entityTypeName
- world.setDungeonGravity
- world.setDungeonBreathable
- world.itemDropItem
- mcontroller.zeroG
- mcontroller.atWorldLimit
- physics.setCollisionEnabled
- player.blueprintKnown
- player.unequipTech
- player.swapSlotItem
- player.setSwapSlotItem
- player.loungingIn
- player.worldHasOrbitBookmark
- player.orbitBookmarks
- player.systemBookmarks
- player.addOrbitBookmark
- player.removeOrbitBookmark
- player.addTeleportBookmark
- player.isMapped
- player.mappedObjects
- root.materialConfig
- root.modConfig
- root.liquidConfig
- root.elementalResistance
- root.dungeonMetadata
- vehicle.setForceRegionEnabled
- vehicle.setDamageSourceEnabled
- pane.setTitle
- widget.hasFocus
- widget.registerMemberCallback
- widget.itemSlotItem
- widget.setItemSlotProgress
- widget.bindCanvas
- entity.persistent

Removed Lua bindings:

- activeItem.giveOwnerItem (now available via player)
- activeItem.ownerHasItem (now available via player)
- activeItem.takeOwnerItem (now available via player)
- player.addBookmark (use addTeleportBookmark / addOrbitBookmark instead)
- root.materialPath (use materialConfig instead)
- root.getConfiguration (removed for security)
- root.setConfiguration (removed for security)
- root.getConfigurationPath (removed for security)
- root.setConfigurationPath (removed for security)
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Changelog for patch 1.3.1 / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 19 June 2017):

- The Windows version of the game will be updated ASAP. We apologize for the delay.

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes

- Added and improved sound effects for a variety of monsters, weapons and mech components
- Fixed lots of typos
- Fix ‘Parts and Labour’ quest description not matching its requirements
- Fix bookmarks not being sorted alphabetically
- Fix players ‘swimming’ off rail stops using rail hooks
- Fix world.spawnLiquid not functioning on tiles with rails/platforms
- Fix a bug allowing placement of blocks on some outside walls of player stations
- Fix Triplod not registering in monster collection when captured
- Fix final ore type not being listed in navigation interface for some planets
- Fix placement of a boulder trap in a challenge room
- Fix rustick being affected by physics forces/collisions
- Make airless space areas actually airless and require breath protection
- Fix tier 4 mech bodies not protecting against radiation
- Fix penguin weapon shop not unlocking when repeating weapon testing mission
- Fix passive monsters becoming aggressive when player engages hostile monsters
- Fix some systems not zooming out far enough in nav and planets going out of view
- Fix a bug causing a navigation crash when selecting gas giants
- Fix objects with minimum / maximum liquid levels not being broken
- Fix item drops being stuck in force regions at top / bottom of world
- Fix quest indicators being affected by world lighting
- Fix bug preventing some background tiles from being painted
- Disable ‘go to quest’ button in nav when that system isn’t explored (e.g. in another universe)
- Fix some bugs when dual wielding rail hooks
- Prevent activating techs during mech deployment
- Don’t show the ‘E’ hint in dialog sequences that are not skippable
- Fix a bug where navigation could be canceled after consuming fuel but before starting flight
- Rework behavior of hoverbikes in zero gravity
- Boats no longer sail out of water
- Add an icon to Tonauac’s safe fall blessing
- Add a few more mech horns
- Prevent rail trams from driving off the ends of active stops

Modding API Changes

- Add world.setDungeonId binding
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.2 (added 19 July 2017):

- Reduce cost of player station parts
- Show some system information on hovering over stars in the navigation interface
- Show system name on the system screen in the navigation interface
- Properly beam away a player’s mech when a player beams off the world
- Deploying to asteroid fields puts you in a position related to where in the field your ship is
- Allow any number of script panes with no source entity.
- Add player.interact lua binding
- Keep player from starving when in a mech

- Various NPC and Monster behavior fixes
- Fix issue where player ships from other systems would be visible on the navigation screen
- Fix issue where deploying to a party member could result in deploying a mech to their ship
- Improve jarring movement of the sky during flying and warping
- Fix issue where inventory items would count twice in crafting interfaces
- Fix parameters argument for spawnnpc console command
- Fix issue allowing the player to fly the ship before fully repairing it
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.3 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 19 October 2017):

- Fixed a crash when switching between two weapons of the same type
Version 1.3.4 is now available in my library but there is - again! - no changelog... does anybody know what has been changed? Thank you!