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rkinkjr: Just curious. from the photo updates of the Star Destroyer, any idea when it will be completed for a future update? Photos from what I've seen look really well done.
Sorry for the late reply - the ISD is moving forward, I should have an update to share soon. :)
I'm so excited for this, been going through this thread just to get up to speed with the progress, really impressive stuff. I noticed that you've invited new testers to apply now and then, anything on the horizon? I'd love to try it out. :)
I don't think anyone posted this video from February going by this page of posts. It looks so good already. Fun ending too!

Check out the Rogue Squadron 3D remake here too, I don't think it reads the original game data yet looks just as faithful :)
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Arohtar: I do have programming knowledge from computing college. I ended working to communications networks but I can give it try remembering my practices and even ask my partners for some help. I can always decline later if what you show me seems too hard, but I'd love to test myself here if you want me to.
Azrapse: Sent you a friend request here to talk further.
Thanks for trying to bring this idea alive, I think it will be awesome.

Let me know if you need additional hands in the code, I do have +7 years of software dev experience in the field (C, C++, some Unity).
Some texturing and illumination work on the ISD (in Unity).
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stonky: Some texturing and illumination work on the ISD (in Unity).
Very cool.
Star Destroyer nears completion.
And so is the TIE Fighter Cockpit.
As this is a 360° render, we recommend downloading and viewing it in Insta360 Player. :)

(Special thanks to Colin J. for providing the ELS gauges.)
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You guys are amazing, Keep up the good work. I can't wait till you guys start up the Mon Calamari cruisers as well.
Just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate your work and that I look forward re-playing my fav game from childhood with today's graphics :)
Keep up the good work!
Thanks guys. We're doing our best to deliver you the best X-Wing experience possible. :)