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hi all, since i encountered this issue and managed to solve it, I will post the solution here in case more people face this issue.

I was stuck in the BWing expansion, the mission with the Tugs that need to dock with the BWings.
The problem was the cycle speed.

To resolve the issue properly and ensure all the missions in the game behave properly:

1. Goto: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\STAR WARS X-Wing\collectors_cd (or whatever the folder of your game is)
2. Backup the file: dosbox_xwingcd.conf to another folder
3. Edit the dosbox_xwingcd.conf from step one, using notepad
4. Scroll down and find the keyword "cycles". Its current setting is probably cycles=max.
5. Change it from cycles=max to cycles=24000
6. Save and close the file
7. Launch Xwing

Repeat the same for all the Xwing or Tie Fighter series games in their respective conf files