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I am currently trying to figure out how to get Tie Fighter (95) to run with a Joystick emulated by Joystick Gremlin and vJoy.

Specifically, i am using Joystick Gremlin to use apply a curve to the Input to get more precise input when the joystick is close to the center, as that is a major problem which makes me constantly waggle around a target because any input is a large input. This is apparently a common problem people using my Joystick (Thrustmaster Hotas X) seem to have.

So i am using Joystick Gremlin to emulate a virtual Joystick using vjoy, and map my real joystick onto that. This works very well in Freespace 2.

In Tie Fighter, however, the game does not seem to want to work with the virtual joystick. It recognizes both the virtual and the real joystick, and maps the virtual one to joystick 1 and the real one to joystick 2 in dosbox. If i just try to use it like that, the game works, but after the joystick config x and y axis are swapped.

If i use the dosbox key mapper to delete all bindings involving the real joystick (which point to the dosbox joystick 2), the game simply fails to recognize any input. It doesn't even allow me to finish the ingame joystick config as it doesnt seem to recognize the (virtual) Joy1 button nor the movement of the (virtual) joystick.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Further Experimentation has lead me to a (pretty annoying) solution. I would still be very grateful for a better one.
The game seems to be confused by the fact that it detects 2 4-axis joysticks. Everything works fine if i unplug my real joystick when starting the game, so it only detects the virtual one. Then, after the game has started, i plug it in again, and tell joystick gremlin to emulate it to the virtual one. If i do this, everything works. I also have a similar effect where some keys on the keyboard don't seem to work at all, unless i set my keyboard to US in windows before i launch the game.
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Did you try UCR?
No, but since that also creates a vJoy virtual Joystick, and the process of creating that virtual Joystick doesn`t seem to be a problem, i don`t think it would make a difference.

The problem seems to be that either Dosbox or the Tiefighter game itself, probably dosbox, does weird stuff when two 4 axis joysticks are detected.
There's a setting in the dosbox_tiecd.conf that might help.

# joysticktype: Type of joystick to emulate: auto (default), none,
# 2axis (supports two joysticks),
# 4axis (supports one joystick, first joystick used),
# 4axis_2 (supports one joystick, second joystick used),
Thanks, but i already played around with that one. Unless i choose 2axis, weird things happen to the controls and the game becomes unplayable.
I'm using a Logitech x56 with Joystick Gremlin and WhiteKnight Auto Whitelister:

You can hide real Joysticks so games only see the virtual joystick

Installation can be a bit tricky, but it works for me
Thanks a lot, that works.