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So, I've managed to get my HOTAS working by making a virtual joystick with Joystick Gremlin, and by using Macros I have divided my throttle axis into 33 parts, and as it enters each part from below it outputs a +, if it enters from above it outputs a -, and at 0, 1/3rd, 23rds of the way and max it outputs a \, [, ] and backspace.

This makes my throttle work very accurately, the only problem is, it will send out a lot of those "beep" sounds that the game makes whenever you hit one of those buttons (or X or F9 etc) because of the throttle movement.

Is there any way to disable those "beep" noises? I dont want to turn sound effects off altogether.

In case anyone comes across this and wants to do the same thing, I figured it out!

I found a Tie Sound Editor (can't post links but google
github tiesoundeditor and you will find it)

I used that to open the file SFXBLAST.LFD in the RESOURCE folder.
In there I found the sound effect I was looking for, beep-01. I exported it and then edited it to be quiet. Then I re-imported it to overwrite the original sound with a quiet version.

Note that it must have the same filename and I had to ensure that it was 8 bit mono 11025 hz.
Now the constant beeping when moving the throttle is gone and I still have lasers shooting, explosions etc etc.