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grappler51: Trying to use this with the new '95 CD-ROM version. I put the file in the Tie Fighter CD folder, and edited dosbox_tiecd_single.conf. But when I launch the game it asks me to calibrate my joystick, but after that there is a black screen with a blinking cursor and the game never starts.
Any help would be appreciated :)

EDIT: Got it to load the game by changing the output to opengl, however dosbox is now extremely slow and it seems like the game is running at about half speed. Settings are core=auto, cycles=max. The game works fine if I disable the JOY.COM. Any idea why this would slow it down?
What about just using the gog version without this file? Try a fresh install, start the game and calibrate the joystick. Hope it helps.

If it does not, please check some ideas that worked for other users right here:
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