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The GoG version still suffers from the following issues:
1) Windows 7 x64: Videos are consistently stuttering and freezing
2) Windows 7 x64: when Russian language is activated videos and flashbacks are totally missing

This is ridiculous, I've bought the game in hope the issues are fixed here, because usually GoG versions are...
What are the chances this can be fixed?
The video stuttering issue is caused by Vsync. Disable it and instead cap the frame rate using something like NVIDIA inspector.
If the framerate is capped at 60, it stutters. I know the in game framerate is capped at 30 but the cutscenes aren't capped at all and they'll go into the thousands if uncapped. Cap it at like 100 and you'll be fine.
And what about the issue with Russian language deactivating all the video and flashbacks? =)
The game came to GoG with all issues that were present for a long time.
It keeps crashing on a certain level for me. It's unfortunate cause I bought it on steam and couldnt even play it, got refunded then came here hoping it would be different and it was for a bit, I was actually able to play and it only crashed a handful of times but I was at least able to progress. Then I got to a certain level and it would either crash durring the cut scene or after during the load screen. Im super disappointed I just want to play this fucking game. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled hoping to be able to play it if not I want a refund.