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My game sound cut out at the start of level 2 on swtfu1. Sound worked just fine in first level, cutscenes, main menu, but once I had control of my character in the second level, raxus prime, no more sound, not even in menus. I figured it was just an odd glitch that would resolve itself when I restarted, but it was late so I shut it down and hadn't got back till now. The problem continues, I have sound until the level loads and I get control of my character, then no more sound from the game. I closed the game and started another program and the sound was working on that fine, then to see if it was a GoG Galaxy error, I loaded another GoG game and that worked fine. I don't want to reinstall if I don't have to as GoG downloads take forever. Does anyone know what might cause this error, or how to fix it?
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