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TFU2 crashes for me at every single cut scene in the game OR it skips the cutscene entirely. Takes several restarts to get past it unless save happens at a good time to push me forward, then go back and rewatch the cut scene when it eventually loads the cut scene to "Extras" any ideas? This's one of my favorite games and it's very disappointing. Totally kills the vibe / momentum of the game when the cut scenes skip or game crashes altogether.
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Can't help you with the skipping, but the way to ensure there's no "cutscene crash" (crashes still occur even without that) - you should rename your

STAR WARS The Force Unleashed 2\Game\Disc\FMV

folder. This will ALWAYS skip the cutscenes, but at least you'll be able to progress through the game more or less painlessly. A disgrace really, but it is what it is :(