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I am on Windows 7 64 bit with an nvidia geforce 970 gtx.
When i try to start the game (even with or without compatibility, admin right, desktop composition and even processor affinity etc ...) it does nothing.

I get a waiting cursor for about a second or 2 then it returns to the normal mouse cursor. My screen didn't flash like it tried to load the game, its not even a crash to desktop.

I tried the "restoretodefaults" bat file in the game directory "system" but it didnt do nothing either.

I contacted support a few days ago but haven't heard from them.

The game is unmodded, clean installed.

Does anyone have a suggestion or a fix ? If not i would like a refund ofcourse.

Many thanks.
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Bumpmapping might be the problem. You could either try installing this fix or disabling it in the system.ini file (located in <path-to-game>\GameData\System\).