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I know there will be a lot of threads like this, so I shall post it here for those who think it can be fixed somehow.

The LucasArts used modified distro of Unreal engine for this game.
Which used early version of gameworks by nvidia.

(nvidia made sure that this won't work on ati cards at the time, but this drm fired back at them with 8000 series cards because they started using same technologies that ati was using at the time, resulting in early gameworks not working anymore with their own cards)

So game makes calls to driver on card; Calls which do not exists in cards later than geforce 7000 series.

The Bumpmapping in this game never worked beyond low on dx11 AMD/ATI cards.
[it worked fine on x1950]

The only way to fix it, is through access to the source code of the game. Or developing emulator software that would translate gameworks calls in this game to today's standards dx api calls.

(I tried to fix this years ago, in 2006-2009, and no one was able to help me, your chance of getting this fixed in 2015 when lucasarts was acquired by Disney is below 0)

It's possible bumpmapping works on integrated intel graphics.
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Thanks for this very interesting explanation, and for confirming my main worry about the game. It would have been an instant buy for me if the bump mapping was working on this version...

I might buy it anyway in the future, just for the sake of not having to use Steam to play it, but it's really sad that this game was playable in its prime conditions only for such a short period... I mean, on a compatible configuration back then, with or without bump mapping was day and night in term of graphics. Let's hope than some day, someone will be able to emulate what is required to display it correctly.
Time for a spiritual successor outside the realm of Star Wars? ;-)
tfishell: Time for a spiritual successor outside the realm of Star Wars? ;-)
I wouldn't mind an Imperial Commando game. :)
At some point LucasArts did fix the issue for the nVidia 8800 GTS at least - as an old twitter posting suggests.
They just never got around to actually releasing such a fix. A shame though.
nah it was nvidia providing driver updates at the time. But it didn't work stable - it still crashed but not always.
[ultimately the alpha driver nvidia was working on never seen light of day] -- it also screwed newer games.

[Anyone willing installing windows XP and trying dx9.0c with this crap? I have feeling it might just work.
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Its funny bump mapping works on my intel hd 4000 (corei7 3770k)
but doesn work on my ati 6950 and other modern Gpu monsters.
Also my friend told me it works fine in linux (wine) but doesnt work in windovs 7;xp
Geforce 670
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hmm interesting, very interesting, I'd have to test that i have 3770k myself.

@edit test 3770k alone, doesn't work.
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It works perfectly
3.jpg (355 Kb)
2.jpg (365 Kb)
1.jpg (388 Kb)
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hmm one note
Win7 - some of floor types are currupted
WinXP -perfect
xp.jpg (374 Kb)
seven.jpg (447 Kb)
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hemul666: hmm one note
Win7 - some of floor types are currupted
WinXP -perfect
then i'll have to work more on it. :|
i'll try win xp, one i dust off some old hdd's.
hemul666: hmm one note
Win7 - some of floor types are currupted
WinXP -perfect
Also a bit odd to see that the HUD font doesn't seem to be displayed correctly on Win7.
I really wish they'd fix the bump mapping.

Or at the very least bug Nvidia to fix that shit.

It's probably never going to happen, but I do want to see if they can make it compatible with widescreen resolutions and include the different mods to patch the game up to a real good, working order. Similar to how they restore the other games, as they run in high resolution and without any hiccups.

So far, it's a good start to what I think can be a masterpiece of a game.
About font -most likely my fault
(some experiments with russian text)

Also my friend told me that the floors - corrupted in win7
even on geforce 7900.
I already have this game on steam. If GOG could fix the bump mapping in their version, it'd be an instant buy for me.