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Ok so I've got the part were I get the advice to absorb his Force powers and then destroy him but the trouble is I don't know how to do that? I assume I need to use force barrier or something but I don't have that power so at the moment he is just rehealing every time I damage him. Help!?
I'm not 100% sure, it has been a while since my last dark side run, but if I remember correctly you simply have to beat the Jedi Masters in combat. No special force powers or anything, get their health down enough and the rest should happen automatically.
Ok so I managed to run into a corner were he didn't follow me - I then layed 10 mines all around me an engaged in combat again - done!
Easiest way to kill him (apart from mines) is the power Force Kill (assuming you have high WIS + CHA and / or your character is a Consular). If Dantooine is your first planet and you get to level 14 / 15 by the time you encounter Vrook, which is reasonably easy to do, then 2 casts of Force Kill are all you need (if they both pass checks). Another easy method to dispatch Vrook is Force Insanity + Force Lightning.

Vrook is completely overpowered in melee, and far and away the biggest challenge in the game (especially if Dantooine is your first planet). For example, if your character is a completely melee focused Guardian / Marauder then even using all the feats & force powers at your disposal as well as meds, you will rarely hit him and he will 2-3 shot you every time. If you have no offensive force powers or weak WIS / CHA, the only way I see you doing it comfortably is by mining the area, which is a bit of an exploit to be honest because if you move to a certain area then he can't attack you and you can plant mines with impunity. If you plant mines in the fight area before the encounter then that is also exploitative behaviour imo. There is also a chance that you will one-shot Vrook with mines, in which case you don't get to learn a force technique from him, which is normally gained when half his hitpoints are gone.

I think the Vrook encounter + the Handmaiden sparring challenge in the Telos Polar Region base are two of the hardest encounters in the game, and they both prove that Consular is the best starting class mid / late game, and the best Prestige class might well be Marauder, as it gives you the best of both worlds, kind of like a Kensai / Mage in Baldur's Gate II.

My suggested starting attributes would be (to easily beat Vrook + anything else by the end of the game):

Class: Consular

STR: 12 (leaves melee viable by the end game i.e. CHOOSE MARAUDER AS PRESTIGE CLASS!!)
DEX: 8 (not necessary, see WIS comment for the reason why)
CON: 16 (get to CON 18 early for the best implants, can use medium-tier implants without having to wait at all)
INT: 8 (you only need points in Persuade on your main char, imo)
WIS: 16 (high force defense, offense and the Battle Precognition ability learnt from Handmaiden allows you to add WIS to your physical defense which allows you to dump DEX)
CHA: 14 (high force offense and reduces cost of cross-alignment force powers)


From level 1-15 choose Conditioning, Improved Conditioning, Master Conditioning, Dual-Strike, Improved Dual-Strike, Master Dual-Strike. The reason? You can't choose those feats at all once you select your Prestige class.

From level 15+ it should be pretty obvious what to select; Master Two-Weapon Fighting or more, Lightsaber Focus feats, Regenerate Force Points is also a decent choice for a force user, assuming you combine it with other things that regenerate force points. Flurry is normally a solid choice for an offensive melee ability, an extra attack per round with no penalty from Master Flurry isn't to be sniffed at.

Force Powers:

Heal / Improved Heal / Master Heal: There can never be enough emphasis placed on the ability to heal your party, although a case can be made against it if you are playing a Dark-Sided character, as the force point usage is considerable. Still, seeing as you gain at least one force power per level, you may as well equip as many Jedi in your party as possible with this power to be guaranteed to keep everyone alive (and cured of poison).

Speed / Knight Speed / Master Speed: This force power needs no real introduction. Extra attacks against the enemy per round are the best way of dealing more damage, plus you get extra defense and running speed into the bargain.

Energy Resistance / Improved Energy Resistance / Master Energy Resistance: Just as healing is important, so is the ability to block incoming damage in the first place. General rule of thumb is: if you see incoming blaster fire or the flashing of lightsabers coming your way, activate this force power; it lasts quite a time and in some cases ranged turret fire is deadly (although when you acquire lightsabers, less so).

Force Barrier / Improved Force Barrier / Master Force Barrier: Same as above, but used against swords and blunt trauma damage.

Battle Meditation / Improved Battle Meditation / Master Battle Meditation: A huge amount of utility to be gained in activating this force power; it not only buffs your damage and accuracy, but debuffs the enemy. For example, if they keep saving against Force Insanity, then cast Battle Meditation first as it decreases their Willpower.

Fury (Marauder Only): Increases damage output to ridiculous levels if you get the chance to activate it in the first place before all enemies are dead. The extra attacks don't stack with Force Speed though.

Wound / Choke / Kill: One of the best single-target offensive force powers in the game. Leaves enemies incapacitated if it passes the check and inflicts percentage-based damage against them, hence it is powerful against Vrook. Not so useful if you cannot pass the check.

Fear / Horror / Insanity: The best way of disabling groups of living enemies for the longest time possible and at a very cheap force point cost assuming your character is dark-sided. Synergises well with Battle Meditation, with which you can reduce the enemies Will saves and have a greater chance of Insanity landing.

Shock / Force Lightning / Force Storm: Bread-and-butter offensive force power used to bring enemies down from the very beginning of the game, and annihilate groups of them in the late game with a couple of casts.
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