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Hi all. This is my first attempt to run an older game off of GOG. I don't really game on my PC at all but I saw this game was available for only like $3.50 so I decided to give it a shot.

I installed the game using GOG Galaxy and whenever I try to launch the game my taskbar turns white and a dialog box shows up for a few seconds stating my color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic and then goes back to normal. If you all could help me get this game going I would greatly appreciate it. Otherwise this will just go down as a waste of $3.50 and I might just end up dropping $10 for it on the XBL store.
I also loaded up Knights Of The Old Republic on Windows 7 and it says the program has stopped working and gives me two options, I can look online for a solution or close.
I tried to look for a solution but it bounced back to the play startup screen again.
Is there an issued with Windows 7?
The most common problem I've seen is when people are using an Intel graphics card. Do you have one of those?

If you have an ATI graphics card, this might work for you:
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i've got the same problem.

AMD FX8350
16GB ram
AMD Radeon R9 380
Windows 7 64bit

i've tryed with changing settings (hardware mouse, skip videos, no sound) as well as win XP compatibility and administrator, still can't start the game sadly
Did you try deleting atigktxx.dll & atioglxx.dll from the game directory?
omfg.... thank you very much. i've looked for a lot of possible causes for it, but somehow, thats the one reply i havn't read until know, big thanks to you. and for those with ati problems: i hope it will be resolved as well.
rmeakins: Did you try deleting atigktxx.dll & atioglxx.dll from the game directory?
I didn't find these files in the directory(