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high rated
KOTOR II (Jeeez, I hate these forums soooo much)

This is a fix for players who have less than adequate hardware to play SWKOTORII:TSL at decent frame-rates. My hopes will be that TSL will perform better on devices using WINE as well with this mod. If you've ever had serious frame-rate problems with smoke or fog in this game, this should fix it.

Changes include:
Main Menu
Peragus (all map files w/particle effects)
Dxun (all map files w/particle effects)
Nar Shaddaa (all map files w/particle effects)
Onderon (all map files w/particle effects)
Telos (all map files w/particle effects)
Dantooine (all map files w/particle effects)
Korriban (all map files w/particle effects)
Some PLC_ models (mostly steam vents)
PLC_ models that have other smoke and other emitters
8xxdro planet map models
9xxmal planet map models
dor_ models that include effects
V_ models that include abilities with effects emitters
FX_ files including but not limited to... mines, grenades, and other explosions. Anything with an effects emitter attached.
Ebon Hawk models
Menu Logo (slight change)
Initial weapon is slightly changed (white particles, slower)
Post edited October 01, 2017 by Trevuar25
Version 1.3 is now live (with a widescreen menu fix for widescreen users)