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:( GOG offers me a refund but I really want to play this game. Their initial offer of a text.exe worked fine until I tried to go to Telos and boom. Massive crash with alarming SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (win32k.sys) the last time I force quit (the entire computer). It is clearly a problem with shifting out of cut scenes.

I'm pretty new to PC gaming, so I'm totally at a loss on reading requirements, my PC is new, plays SWTOR and all my GOG Star Wars games .... until this one, just fine. I didn't go for a special gaming computer since everything I wanted to play was pretty old other than SWTOR. I 'think' my video card is Intel HD 530. None of the online 'hacks' I found worked on correcting this issue. (I'm actually more experienced with mac..but my mac is too old for the mac release of KOTOR 2.)

Can anyone tell me if they have a way to get this working on 'my' card? Or if Steam would? Or am I reduced to hunting down the non restored content old XBox version?
WildHorseFantasy: Massive crash with alarming SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (win32k.sys)
I 'think' my video card is Intel HD 530.
KotOR 2 is an old game that uses old .bik videos. Given the error and your graphic chip, you can probably be 85% certain that it is your Intel chip (which is the bane of many, many games) at fault. The only permanent solution is to install a dedicated graphics card and disable the on-board Intel chip.
There is a method called graphic card simulation.

3D analyzer application can simulate several kinds of graphic cards to play games. You can use it to see if it helps.

It's my old friend for several games.