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I'm replaying KOTOR 2 and stuck near the beginning. I'm at the part where you record the voiceprint. I have the imprint sensor in my inventory. There is supposed to be an HK droid present in the droid repair room at the fuel depot, but there's nothing there but a dead body. It did trigger a dialogue with the HK droid when I first entered the room, but that was before I picked up the imprint sensor. Even then I could not see the droid outside of the dialogue screen.

Is there any way to pass this part without the droid? I have the other two dialogue pieces but I can't continue without the third. I do have the RCM installed, and that's the only change I've made. I beat this game when it first came out and I don't remember having any trouble with this part.
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That's weird, sounds like a bug. Which is especially weird, since you're using TSLRCM.
The droid should be standing right next to the mechanics' corpse, so you can talk to him.

You need a conversation with HK to advance, you can either persuade/trick him into giving you the code in the mechanic's voice, or collect two of three samples from the logs and the last one from HK, which is the last words (or rather screams) of the mechanic.
I've never encountered this bug myself, so I can't help you much besides suggesting a web search or just starting over. You're just at the beginning, so maybe you can re-install the game and TSLRCM?
The only instance I know of this, TSLRCM was installed on an in-progress game, when the T3 solo run was already done.

Obviously (or apparently not so obviously) one should start a new game. Did you install TSLRCM and loaded an in-progress save?