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Something is not right with the GOG version of KotOR 1 on Windows 10 Build 10240. After clicking the exe, installed on an ssd, it takes about a minute till I get an about 800x600 fullscreen window with the hourglass on my mouse, then it just crashes (app is not working).

The steam version is running with vertex buffer objects disabled without any major problems - I didn't try widescreen yet though, but that's just a bonus. Even the ingame movies are displayed correctly!

So what is wrong with the GOG version on Windows 10?

I tried some things like XP-compatability, deleting the ati dll file and stuff, changing the ini, nothing changes, I always get the 800x600 fullscreen window that crashes, or it just doesn't start at all...
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Not just you, it does the same thing for me. I'm guessing it's one of the games that GOG hope to have working by launch of Windows 10 next week, but yeah it's not just you.

Even tried it in compatibility mode with run as Admin and it crashes the same way, get a black screen with the Windows busy cursor, then it changes to the KOTOR in game mouse cursor and immediately crashes
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Ok, good to know I'm not the only one. Hopefully they are working on this... This game always was a pain to get running correctly. How nice a patch like the one just released for KotOR 2 would be.
You should not discard the possibility that Win10 is wrong and needs to change.
Because a game that is notorious for making problems doesn't run (while the Steam version does)? I don't think so.
alcaray: You should not discard the possibility that Win10 is wrong and needs to change.
Well when GOG themselves came out and said that they were working to get all their games working on Windows 10 by the time Windows 10 launches would at least mean that some of their games they know don't work on it yet.
Your logic is too narrow.

In general terms, GOG and Steam chose slightly different ways to solve a problem. WIN10 comes in and breaks GOGs solution but does not break Steam's. This does not mean that the solution that GOG chose was wrong. What other software has broken for the same reason, with WIN10? If you guys trying out Win10 never report the problem up to Microsoft, ("Help me GOGi-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.") then MS will never consider fixing it.

The solution may be a fix to WIN10. Or it may be an old dll or 3 that you need to copy to one of your sparkly new Windows folders. Or it might be that new WIN10-cognizant sound or vid drivers need to come from those who make such things. Or likely, some other solution that I haven't listed here. What is needed is for clever individuals to work the problem and communicate with each other.

In general, in software development, when something new shows up and something breaks, first you look at the new thing that just showed up. That technique saves you many man-hours.
So far from testing, if atioglxx.dll and atigktxx.dll are removed or renamed from the KOTOR folder the game opens fine. However after creating a character it will crash.

Steam version is fine, almost no differences between the two versions, however kotor exe is bigger on gog version.

That's interesting, I wonder what's in the GOG .exe that's not in the Steam one.
Forgot to mention that the Steam version also only works until you create an character, then it crashes.

So both versions from my end on an AMD card are broken.
Yep you're right, I just downloaded my Steam version and it crashes just after character creation for me too, with an AMD card as well.
Just got my steam copy to run in Windows 10, after it crashed the first time. Went to the Steam Library, into the KOTOR properties and disabled the Steam Overlay, then went to the game folder and put compatibility on WIndows XP service pack 2 and it work.

Got past the opening scene and talking to Trask about having to go and find Bastilla, so you might want to give that a try Warwon
no go on steam on any settings for me for compatibility
The Steam version works with AMD, I have an HD 7950 and Catalyst 15.7, you have to disable soft shadows and frame buffer objects in the advanced graphics options or it crashes.
TC, does Kotor 1 still not work? GOG labeled it as compatible with Windows 10 today, so you may have to re-download to see if it works. And what about KOTOR 2?